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What if you could have more time in your day to create?

What if there was all the time you needed in your routine to create and enjoy the beauty of life around you?

What if you could create more meaningful moments in your life?

Does this sound like the life you have been wishing to create; time for yourself and your inner creative journey?

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Hi! I’m Susan Loughrin, Founder of Inner Creative Voice

When you sign up for the Inner Creative Voice newsletter, you will receive 6 free acappella affirmations. These are short affirmations that I sing to you, creating a positive intention for the day. Each affirmation has a short activity for you to explore the meaning of the songs a bit deeper to see where it may play out in your creative life.

You will also receive the Inner Creative Voice newsletter weekly. Each week I will share an article with you that explore the world of your creative self. Articles that ask you the deeper questions: How are you creating meaning in your creative life? Where are the moments that sparkle and show your truth? How do your honor your own time?

Creating space and setting intention will support you on your daily journey. Connecting with others of like mind sustains your knowledge of your own truth. Experiencing self-care at its deepest levels allows for you to open up to your own personal, creative journey.
Let’s see where this exploration leads you….

Inner Creative Voice Manifesto

Here is a place filled with artistry and connection. This is a place where you can shine and be heard as you travel on your creative journey.

Open your mind to trusting the creative process that will unfold for you. Rest in the knowledge that your integrity will be honored in this place. You are a leader; an expert in knowing yourself.