21 Day Selfie Exploration

Last summer I spent much of my creative time working on Mandala Magic with Julie Gibbons and Begin Deepening with Catherine Just.  Amazing work with amazing women!  The exploration of “Self” became a theme for me.  I created many photo images using Images of myself, or “selfies” as the basis for my creative exploration.  

This summer, I am noticing that I am once again wanting to explore my creative focus on the Self.  What better way then through “selfies”?  It may be SUPER uncomfortable to turn the camera back on to myself, but I find this to be something I do each day through my writing (Morning Pages…all about the Self), and my thinking; daily ruminations on “my Self” and what it means to do deep, inner work.  So much is buried deep within and is waiting to show up.  Lots of shadow work here, but I am being called to explore it once again in these creative summer months.

I am inviting you to join me on this journey.  What do you think?  Here is what I am proposing…

  1. 21 days of Selfie Exploration…daily email invitations to take a “selfie” each day.
  2. Posting a selfie a day for 21 days on Instagram as a way to put the”Self” work out there into the world #21Selfies2017
  3. Daily prompts to dig deeper into what is showing up for you and invitations to journal about the selfies you take (you may wish to share bits of this with your Instagram posts)
  4. A private Facebook group page…when sharing is closer to the bone
  5. Additional exploration of Self through “layering” photos using the app Enlight (click to see the Enlight app here)
  6. Session will be opened July 1, 2017. Your investment 21 Days…$21.00.

If discovering more about your Self  is something you are saying YES to…click the link below to sign up!  Let’s get that creative fire going…21 Days of Selfie Exploration.

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