21 Days of Morning Pages

img_7993While exploring many things in the Elemental Observation e-course I have been running, I am noticing my deep need to journal.  I keep attempting to get to the page…but have had a wandering mind and so, am not putting my thoughts onto paper.  I want to get back to this practice.

Here is what I will set the intention to do for the first 21 days of November…will you join me?

First thing in the morning, get up and write 3 pages, whatever lands on the page.  This allows me to get out onto paper all of those thoughts that ramble around for me in the morning taking me to dark places and/or places of overwhelm.  These rambling thoughts make it difficult to start the day.  However, when I write those thoughts into my journal each morning, I begin to get freed-up from all of that “thought energy” weight.

I have been pondering how to stay connected with all of you lovely readers of my blog and Instagram feed and thought a Morning Pages accountability group might be just the thing.

Morning Pages are a way for me to gain this clarity and simplicity from my monkey-mind.  I wrote as a young person in “stream of consciousness”.  Then, years later, discovered Julia Cameron’s book The Artist’s Way and have been through the work several times, each time with a new perspective of age and wisdom.

There is a part of me that keeps saying, “You have already done this work!  Why pull out Morning Pages again?”  I find that my inner voice says this to me a LOT!  I want to be done with things.  But there are certain things I am discovering that I need to approach with a zen mind, a beginners mind, over and over again.IMG_4964

I am inviting you to join me in the challenge to write Morning Pages for 21 Days beginning on November 1, 2016.  This will be a free connection where we can hold one another accountable to the practice of writing each AM in the Morning Pages format laid out by Julia Cameron (see the video below).

Register here and I will add you to the 21 Days of Morning Pages email.  (This will be a reminder email only for the 21 days of the session).  I will also open a secret Facebook page where we can create a tribe and hold one another accountable to writing, plus see what we discover! Hope you will join in!

Morning Pages by Julia Cameron
In her own words…click the image to go to her video


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