21 Days of Reflection~Looking for the Light


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An e-course to invite you to get quiet, listen and reflect upon your past year.  A daily practice to give you a few moments to enjoy the wonder of time.  A way to allow yourself the beauty of looking within and discovering what you wish to celebrate from this past year.  Time for you to let go.

I hear so often, women especially, sharing that they just do not have time to care for themselves.  With busy schedules, hectic family lives, frazzled work lives and all of those dishes!  who has time?

This 21 day e-course has been designed to bring you 5-10 minutes of peace each day.  A reflective practice to support you in bringing a routine or ritual into your life for quiet introspection.  An invitation to find a few moments to set into your schedule time for you to reflect…and relax.

21 Days of Reflection will begin on December 1, 2016. This e-course invites you to reflect on your past year through 21 “reflection” questions.  To ponder those things that you wish to celebrate.  These 21 recorded questions will allow the emotions and wonder of this past year to be brought back into your mind. Whether your year was filled with joy or sorrow, taking time to reflect on how you have grown allows you to celebrate. To appreciate all that you have accomplished this year of 2016.

The other aspect of this session will be a private Facebook page where you will be invited to share an image of “light” after you have listened to the recording.  Keeping this simple and allowing you to keep your reflections close to your heart, yet sharing with others the gift of light…putting out light out into the world.

What you will receive:
1. Daily emails for 21 days inviting you visit the private Facebook page where the audio will be posted
2. An invitation to a private Facebook group to share your image of “light” (a candle flame, a sparkly light, the sun)
3. Intentional focus on questions that will allow you time to reflect back on this past year

Reflection.  Introspection. Shining a light.
21 Days for $21.00.
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