Acappella Affirmations

6 Day E-Course

Each day brings the opportunity to explore one simple creative thing.  Sometimes, the day gets away from us, and it feels like something has gone missing.  Many times it is our creative actions and yearnings that get left behind.

Do you ever feel that way?

Then join me in Acappella Affirmations!  A 6 day e-course designed to bring the magic of music, images and ideas to affirm the simple joys of creating each day.

What are Acappella Affirmations?  Basically, written affirmations that I have set to a melody so that the affirmation can be sung aloud.  The melody remains in the mind, and is a reminder of the words.  Whenever you need to move out of a stuck spot, singing or hearing a melody shifts your thoughts and allows creativity to flow back in.

The Acappella Affirmation messages will be sent to your email inbox each day.  They are recorded and written so that you can decide the best way to connect on the creative ideas to allow you to move out of your linear thinking patterns…and into your creative, spirit-filled self.

What you will receive with this program:

  • 6 Acappella Affirmations-affirmations that are sung for you
  • 6 articles which explore those affirmations and give you a simple activity that you can put into action that day
  • 6 transcripts of the spoken articles

Are you looking to create every day?  Are you stuck and need a supportive voice to bring you out of that immovable space?  Do the negative thoughts that run around in your head distract you from your creative journey?

Each Acappella Affirmation has been recorded along with an image to soothe your eyes as you listen.  Each article has been recorded immediately following the sung affirmation to connect to the message within.  You can listen again and again. Whenever you begin to feel overwhelmed, you can connect with the Acappella Affirmation that resonates with you and helps you to slow-down and refocus your creative energy.

So what are you waiting for?  Connect into your creative self and sign-up today!

Acappella Affirmations~E-series
*Your investment?  $27.00

*Note: Once you have completed your payment, be sure to click the link that says “Return to Inner Creative Voice” so that you can enter the email address where you want your lessons sent.

Acappella Affirmations~Just the songs

Want to download just the Acappella Affirmations as six single songs?  Looking to hear each sung affirmation on your computer or mp3 player as a way to slow down anytime during your busy day? I have separated out each sung Acappella Affirmation for you to do just that!  Download the 6 Acappella Affirmation sung melodies today and sing-along with me daily.

Just the songs: Your investment?  $10.00