Always Working on It

I love having a check-list.  I enjoy the feeling of checking things off and calling it DONE.  I celebrate those little accomplishments. But do you ever notice how creating your life is never DONE?  You check off all of those items on the list and look up to see more that needs to be done!


Sometimes I get tired thinking about it.  “You mean I will ALWAYS be working on my life?”

Well…yes.  But it works in a cycle.  Little bits and big bits connecting, combining and the flow continues on around it all.  Let me explain what happened to me recently, to give you an idea of what I mean.

Recently, after reaching a point of overwhelm, where everything begins to feel like a pile up of “stuff”, I made a choice. We were preparing to go on a much needed family vacation.  I made the choice to enjoy the trip.

Seems simple, right?

But in order to make this happen, I had to get some order…and let go.

I wrote out a list the week before the trip clarifying what absolutely HAD to get done.  Then, did those things and checked them off the list.  I made sure if it wasn’t on the list, I could let it go and not worry about it.  Give it up to the flow of the universe.

This worked.

I made the “choice” to then relax into the vacation, knowing the essentials had been taken care of.  On the vacation, I turned off all connections to the outside world and enjoyed relaxation and family time in a lovely place.

It was a bit difficult the first few days, I will admit it.  I wanted to get to a computer, worry over big looming projects and upcoming events that would eventually need my attention.  But guess what?  When I relaxed and told myself all was well, it was.

Here is what I noticed as the “cycle” that emerged.  Big bits and little bits…all are a part of the flow of “creating your life”:

  • Clear, necessary steps can be accomplished with a To-Do list of essentials
  • Clarity of “noticing” what can be left for later allows for “letting go”
  • Celebration of accomplishments is essential
  • Time off to relax, reflect and rejuvenate brings perspective
  • Taking things off your plate allows for the “flow” of energy
  • Focusing on the next steps of creating your life moves into place

In the meanwhile, the world keeps turning.  It is how we choose to create our lives that live in the details.

I now find I am keeping overwhelm at bay by taking the time to really notice what must be done for the days to run smoothly…and what can be let go.  Part of creating our lives is enjoying the time we have.  So while always creating our lives, it is important to reflect on that and know what is important to that creating.  Taking the time to enjoy the life we are creating is all part of it.

Really, what would be on your MUST DO list, and what could you let go?

Enjoy these moments.  Celebrate your accomplishments.  Go with the flow.



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