Beta Test for 21 Day Mini-Marketing Plan


Hi You!
If you are receiving this invitation, you are one of the fabulous creatives on my list for Inner Creative Voice. You are either on my newsletter list, have taken one of my e-courses and/or have participated in the Sunday Check-In. I am SO thankful to have you as a part of my tribe! I love hearing from you and working with you 🙂

That said, I am working on something new. I have seen so many of you working on either your own creative work and/or working on keeping your creative business alive (or running it in some way, shape or form!). I have been creating my own mini-business now for about 7 years now. (Yep…it takes a while, at least it has for me to even know what it is I offer! What it is I do and how I share it with all of you!)

When I started, I joined in with several business coaches and learned a LOT about how to run a business. VERY helpful, but to put all of that work into action…well, I became overwhelmed. A few years back I went back to a job and let my newsletter and creative work roll for a while.

Guess what happened? I had time (about 2 years!) To reflect on the work I had done and I saw where I could take my creative work to the next level. I created a whole bunch of 21 Day sessions (some free, some paid) and this got me back into my creative life and business.

That is a lot of information to take in…so, if you are still with me, here is what I am offering.

1. A beta test…a 21 day session that will only be offered to people on my list (to test it out)
2. 21 emails with worksheets(10 worksheets, 10 reflection emails and a testimonial template) to walk you through the very first steps in creating your marketing plan (these are all based on my own personal, evolving marketing journey and the work of others who have helped me along the way!)
3. A private Facebook group where you will share the information from the worksheets (because you will do this work :))
4. Feedback from me on the specifics of your individual worksheet answers to support you in moving your business marketing plan forward
5. Testimonial template (at the completion of the course) so that I can gather YOUR feedback to help me in marketing my work out into the world and YOU will receive this template to use with your clients!

What do you think? Want to be a part of this new adventure? We begin April 1, 2017.

Your investment is $21.00 (my 21 Day session rate). I have found that we commit more to the work when we invest in it in some way, shape or form. So if you are willing to commit, you will benefit by getting a great start to your marketing copy and a mastermind group of others who are on a similar journey to tap into.

If this sounds like something you wish to participate click below to join in!

Let me know if you have any questions!