Months and months of stopped creative growth.  Starting and stopping.  Wondering if the direction I have been heading was working.

I like to take different on-line classes to grow in new directions.  Especially when I feel so stuck.  As I was moving through this malaise, I took the time to take a photography class called Still with Henry Lohmeyer.  As I was working thorough the different prompts, I took this image. Here is what I wrote to accompany this image:

5 part-time jobs in 3 years

Stalled artistic/creative self

Piles of unfinished work from previous jobs and creative life

Open…? •

Afraid to continue with this onslaught

It has been that way for months…years, really.  Moving through the layers of change.  

This was a breakthrough for me.  I began to see that it was time to clear out this physical space and allow for the opening to appear.  So that is just what I did.  I cleared up that physical space and shifted the artwork to reflect what occurred over the summer months.  Here is an image of the wall in my little creative corner after clearing and cleaning.  

I see the simplicity of the work I have been doing. The space feels SO much more ready for what is next!

How about you?  Have you begun to reflect back over this past year?  I am opening my 21 Days of Reflection e-course on December 1.  Join in to reflect back over your year to see where there might have been some breakthroughs, some openings to allow in what is next.

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