Catching Myself

photo(147)Today I want to show you what goes on in my head…and is then written in my morning journal.   Here is what I wrote:

  • Feel reprimanded
  • Looking to be liked
  • Searching for validation
  • Memories of doing well in school for others
  • Memories of doing well for partners
  • Need to go within and get validation for self
  • Inner listening
  • Panic…to make $
  • Panic to be seen as a good person
  • Panic fix everything NOW

Then, I reflected on the above list:

How to help this?

  1. Get clear on goals
  2. Get lots of rest
  3. Reflect on goals
  4. Keep goals simple
  5. Do not add more to the plate

Next, I reflect on the above steps:

  • Less is more-helps me to see clearly
  • Write it out
  • Write it ALL out
  • Choose what can actually be done at one time
  • Stick to it until it is completed

When the panic arises, I allow my thoughts to go down the usual path…here is what it usually looks like:

  • Must get another job
  • Drop all excess costs…even if it means my health will suffer
  • Family comes first- they get all cash flow

Finally, these “panics” get acknowledgement.  They are my thoughts and I honor them.  I then change them into positive affirmations of where I want the energy to flow.

Does this pattern sound familiar to you?

I will flesh this out into an article…but for now…I wanted to share with you that each time I grow, this happens.  Each time I feel fabulous and that all is right with the world, this happens.  And it is up to me to notice it…and get clear.  Then, take action.

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