21Days of Gratitude

    Getting back to a gratitude journal practice has supported my calmness in this rapidly shifting time.  Taking the time to notice and appreciate all that is around me is a beautiful practice that lightens up my days. It sounds … Continue reading

Starting the New Year with Action

Here comes the New Year! Perhaps you have chosen a word of the year or you are creating a vision board. Maybe you are listing out your New Year’s resolutions. These are all wonderful ways to put your intentions out … Continue reading

21 Days of Morning Pages

While exploring many things in the Elemental Observation e-course I have been running, I am noticing my deep need to journal.  I keep attempting to get to the page…but have had a wandering mind and so, am not putting my … Continue reading

Riffing on the Selfie~Creating Self-Portraits

I am taking selfies and then painting them as a study of SELF.  This is a study I am undertaking as I continue to journey through Mandala Magic with Julie Gibbons.  I am taking photos of myself, creating interesting “filters” … Continue reading