Creating a Consistent Practice

2018 is here…and with it comes the overwhelm I always feel. Excited to begin so many new things, but the tendency to pile them all onto my plate at once…well…

Here is the list right now in my mind…

  • paint
  • clean the house
  • walk daily
  • write daily
  • create amazing meals
  • ski
  • take photos
  • knit hats
  • daily art journal
  • sign up for on-line art classes
  • run e-courses…and market for them
  • set schedule for lunch dates with friends
  • …and on and on…

I want to do all of this NOW and do it all extremely well.  I want a practice set into place NOW!  I want a routine and schedule in place NOW and have it thriving and amazing.  I want to have classes running to  support many, many people in my tribe contributing to the learning and teaching I so love!  I want to create and have a filled creative practice happening.  I want it all and I want it now 😉

So what do I do when this overwhelm hits?  Sit down with tea and read for hours and hours.

HA!  Avoid and enjoy the quiet time of escaping into a great book (or 5).

I know I am not alone 🙂  Dear Reader, you are most likely smiling and nodding along with me here as we know like attracts like…what are you reading BTW?  😉

Now that I have shared a bit of my thinking with you, I will share what I need to do to actually create a practice that works, to take the time to create a consistent plan.

  1.  Get out the calendar (perfect thing to do as the wheel of life turns toward the new year)
  2. Clarify what it is I truly wish to accomplish in the coming days, weeks and months
  3. Focus on clarity of purpose (Each AM, Each PM and overall creative projects)
  4. Stick to my morning routine (stay grounded in what I do each day; write, drink tea, exercise, gratitude practice…)
  5. Share with others (What e-courses fit best each month?  How will I best connect with my tribe and support this creative process?  When will I run classes?  How will I market?  Who would benefit and why?)
  6. Get support!

Also, to support this New Year’s  journey, I will open the 21 Day Mini-Mastermind session.  Let’s connect together to  bring about a consistent practice that is just right for each of us.  I would love to connect with you!  We can hold ourselves accountable to our own creative work. 

Plus, this supports my plan to create a consistent practice!  How about you?!  For more details, click here.

Enjoy these days!  Hope you will join in!


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