Creating Positive Thoughts


I have been taking time to notice my thoughts and my thinking.  Taking time to consistently see when I begin having negative thoughts and working to turn them around into the positive.  This is actually very difficult for me.  It seems my mind wants to hold on to the negative…and call it reality.

Does this happen to you?

Years of reading about “affirmations” has shown me a pattern that works for changing my thoughts.
1.   Noticing a negative thought –either in my journal writing or throughout my day
2.   Turning that negative thought around to a positive thought
3.   Writing out that positive thought on paper
4.   Read that positive statement aloud
5.   Repeat

This takes conscious effort.  This takes commitment and time.  This is the way I bring peace and joy to my day and create my life.

A few weeks back, I wrote about that “nasty voice” inside my head.  Using the steps above, I am able to re-work thought thoughts and create a positive result.

Here is a suggestion for you to try this week.  Get a journal that you will carry around with you all day for a week.  When your mind starts speaking to you in negative thoughts, write them down.  Keep track for a few days and then re-read what you have written.  What do you notice?  Write that too.

Then, take one or two of those thoughts and re-write them into positive statements.  Do this for the full week.

Here is an example from my own thoughts right now:

Negative Thought:  This article you are writing is terrible.  Stop now, before you embarrass yourself by sharing it with others. Change to Positive Thought:  This article says just what I want it to say.  It is written.  Share this article with others who may feel the same way.   Others find a benefit from the thoughts and words written here.  They connect these ideas to their own life.

Do you see how changing your thoughts, your words, can create the positive you are seeking?

Taking time to change our thoughts to the positive takes conscious consistent effort.  Take the time to notice your thoughts and celebrate the positive.  Look for ways to create a mindset that supports you and your good work.

What steps will you take this week to change your thoughts to the positive?

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