Creating Time to Sing

Acappella Affirmation:

Letting go of control
Setting free this one song

Brings me back to the place

Where I belong

Organization, clearing clutter and scheduling are things to be dealt with every day.  No big deal, right?  Then, there is the attempt to control these daily activities.  Which leads to controlling the environment, controlling our loved ones, controlling nature, politics, and the world!

Does it ever feel this way to you?

A small daily issue becomes a larger issue and then, it becomes so big it feels like you are trying to control the universe.

What is happening here?

The need to control.  To feel safe.  To know that all is right in the world.

But, we are not IN control of so many things. When I start to feel this way, I notice that I become exhausted.  Catching myself before this happens is key.

What helps support the daily routine, is putting a flexible structure into place and letting go of those things that are out of our control.

I enjoy singing, so I call this time creating time to sing.

Here are 3 steps to create “singing” moments in your daily routine:

  1. Morning ritual-create time each morning to reflect and give thanks
  2. Create a simple schedule that allows for “singing” breaks; time for naps, exercise, creating time in nature
  3. Smile. Sing. Let go of the tension. Run.  Fill a few moments each day with fun!

Now is the moment to find that “time” in the schedule, let go of tasks that are robbing you of that time, and get it back!  You want to create, you want to “breathe” you need to see the moments in your day!

So, what will you be letting go of?  What tasks do you feel control you?  What wastes your precious time?

Let’s take a look…

Take a moment, just off the top of your head, to list out all of the tasks you do within your day.  Go ahead…I will wait here.

You’re back?  Okay….what did you notice as you wrote out your list?  Did you add everything?  Good.  Now, go back through that list and circle the ones that you believe are not really necessary to getting through your day.  Next to each task you circled, put an amount of time next to each one that you believe you spend on that task.

Here is my example from what I circled on my own list:

Check email-30 min
Laundry-15 min
Dishes 20 min
Grocery shopping-3 hours
Look over schedule/calendar-1 hour

So in one day, 5 hours is dedicated to these tasks I have circled.  This is out of let’s say a 14 hour day (and this is just some of the tasks!).

Of these tasks, which can be “let go”?  Hmmmm well, none of them, of course!  I am all things to all people and must have each of these tasks remain in my day!  I can do it all!

(Are you tired just thinking about this?)

Yes, I have thought this before, too.  EVERYTHING I Do is important!  Well, really, after looking at this list, I see where my time is going.

Here is what I propose for myself based on my example above.  I will drop “check email” to 10 minutes. I will need to set a timer to actually keep to that time allotment. This would leave me 20 minutes.

That simple?  Yes.  Find 20 minutes in your day to let go.  And once you have found that 20 minutes…set the timer and do nothing.  Yes, you heard me correctly.  Do nothing.  20 minute of nothing.  See how long that really is.

For the rest of this week, once you have “let go” and found 20 minutes, do nothing for 20 minutes every day.  Check in with me at susan (at) innercreativevoice (dot) com, if you wish, and let me know how it goes!



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