Creative Journey-Dreams to Visuals

photo(154)Looking for a way to bring creativity to your daily life, look to your dreams.  Here are steps to bring about creativity using your own personal journey.  You know those days you say…I am not creative; I have nothing to write about or draw.  Using your own dreams, you always have an image and the beauty is that it is always there, waiting to be tapped.  If you think you do not dream, take time to get several good nights of sleep and ask the dreams to make them known to you.

1.       Write the images/symbols from your dream
2.       Write the meaning of each image symbol to you
3.       Take one image and create a visual using your favorite medium

Step One:
Upon waking, jot down as much of your dream as you can recall.  Even if it is just a word or an idea…write it.

Step Two:
Go back through your writing and circle all of the nouns.  These are your images/symbols.  For each noun, write how that image is significant for you.  What does it bring to your mind?  How does it relate to your life?  Put the images that you have written back into your dream and read it back to yourself.  What do you notice?

Step Three:
Take one of the images from your dream and create a visual.  Look around for a medium that suits you.  Do you like the bold colors of tempera paint or oil pastels?  Or the softer hues of watercolor?  Finer points of markers, pens or pencils?

Blocks you may encounter:

  • I do not dream
  • I am not a painter
  • I have never used paints, or any other medium with satisfaction

Change each negative to a positive.  Go ahead and write it in your journal along with your dream work:

  • I dream every night. Ask to gain insight and visualization into your dreams just before going to sleep each night
  • I am a wonderful painter/artist. I am beginning to see my beauty as a painter as I jump in and put the colors on the blank page.
  • I use paints and other medium to explore and learn about color to create visuals of my inner world.

This is an empowering way to free some blocks to begin to allow you to explore and find the joy in putting color and shape to paper!



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