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Do you ever wish you had more time for your creative dreams?

As a creative being, you can develop a practice to support the realization of those dreams and get back to your creative self!  With one-on-one creativity coaching, you will…

  • Explore the ways to find time in each day to create simply and reflectively
  • Engage in creative play to realize how you can create meaning in your life daily
  • Receive activities that support your unique creative style
  • Support your inner creative voice and encouragement to speak your creative truth

Sound like something you want more of in your life? Contact me at
susan (at) innercreativevoice (dot) com to set up an initial get acquainted email consultation.

What people are saying:

Take a look at the packages below and see which one sounds right for you!

The Scribe

You are most comfortable sharing your creative dreams through writing (email connection).  You are looking for insights into what it means to be creative in your life. You have a deep interest in your own creative ideas and would like the support of someone who can lead you to bring this joy back into your life. Here is what you will receive:

  • 6 weeks of creativity coaching via email (consecutive weeks)
  • 1 initial email with questions to get started
  • 6 full emails responding to your written thoughts on your creative dreams
  • 6 activities to inspire your individual creative work and growth

      Your investment: $180.00


The Reflector

You are comfortable with reflecting your creative dreams through writing, but also enjoy connecting by phone.  You are currently working on your creative self.  You have discovered the passion for an art form or a creative endeavor that brings you true joy.  At this point, you have reached a block in your creative work.  You are looking for ways to get “unstuck” and to get support from someone outside of yourself to help you get back to your creativity.  Here is what you will receive:

  • Initial 1 hour contact call via phone
  • 6 weeks of email connection (once a week a full email response from me, unlimited emails over the 6 weeks for you)
  • Second 1 hour call mid-way through your coaching journey
  • 6 activities to inspire your individual creative work and growth
  • Third and final culminating call to set you on your path for future creating

       Your investment:  $360.00


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Creativity Calling!
You have a great idea! You are looking for ways to share it, but are stuck and wondering what direction to take.  Sometimes, you need to connect by phone and get support for just that specific need.  Creativity Calling!  A 60 minute phone connection,  you and me, to get you through the stuck points, create fresh ideas and find inspired next steps to get you moving with focus, love & enthusiasm.

Sound right for you?
email me at susan (at) innercreativevoice (dot) com to set a date

Your investment:


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