Creativity is Messy

I want to talk to you today about making a mess.

I have been creating these last few weeks with pastels.  Basically, chalk…with MUCH dust!  Working at the coffee table in our living room, I blow the chalk dust around the table, onto the floor…does that shock you?  Well, do not worry, I vacuum it up! It can get fairly messy.

Since I have moved from my initial work of just noticing “one” color to noticing the background colors as I walk, I find I am using a lot of colors!  Which means a lot more chalk dust!  I am enjoying the blending of the colors, as it is more of what my mind is taking in as I notice the nature around me.

The mess, well, I am actually okay with messes.  I want to remain in the creative process. If I worry too much about a mess, I won’t create.

And I would rather create.

So bring on the mess of creativity!  I want to let go a bit more and feel a bit more free.   I am discovering that the adding of colors to my creating makes me smile.  I am not so tied to “just one color” and can mix it up a bit!

How do you feel about making a mess?


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