Down to Earth

I am back to writing Morning Pages consistently these past few weeks.  I am discovering that I am still living in the dreamy-ness of summer, but grounding into the beginnings of fall. Change.  The only constant. 

Throughout the summer, I planned on being more creative.  To allow for the creative “flow” to enter in and take over.  What actually happened was that I took on a new job and that changed everything.

I have lots and lots to say about this, but I want to boil it down to its essence.  Taking on a job shows me where I spend my time.  It allows me to receive a steady cash-flow and look for ways to bring my creativity into each day.  This, dear reader, is my way.  I have learned that this lesson comes up for me over and over and over.  I like to have a steady “job” of some sort that creates a safety zone for me.  (I resist this, but it is how I flow best…and I am reminded of it again and again).

I am also seeing how I live is how I like to teach.  Sessions on creativity and sessions on how to build a “mini-business”.  Basically, work everyday, share everyday and create everyday.  I do this and I want to pass it on.

Nothing new here…the same ol’ same ol’…but there is beauty here.  Beauty in the flow. Beauty in the routine that I create.  Beauty in the daily noticings.  And…I am back to a weekly newsletter.  I need to connect with you all and hope to hear from you as the fall gets underway!  

How do you spend your days?  What do you notice about the lessons that return over and over again like the seasons?  I would love to hear from you…

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