Expanding Through Painting

I have recently been working through the e-course Painting by Heart Online with Jennifer Doh.  It took me a bit of time…working through some of my own inner issues…to open the first video and to begin.  

I have been in need of getting back to creating and sometimes it takes learning from another to support a new perspective.  The feeling of painting with acrylic and watching another creative soul start with a blank canvas has been just what I have needed to lose myself in creative expression, yet stay open to a higher expansion of my limited painting skills.

What does that even mean?!?

Well, for the past few years I have been exploring intuitive painting (a free flow of expression that allows me to put paint onto the page and exlpore what shows up).  This is a needed bit of daily work for me just as Morning Pages is to my written practice.  Meditation through some medium onto a blank journal page. I see the “metaphors” of life and what shows up as in a dream.  I can choose to analyze the creations or not.  Just like in meditation…allowing the thoughts to be noticed and pass through.  Letting go of the attachment.

I have been working through many life changes (age, kids off on their own, job shifts) and much of my creative work has been left in the dust.  I dabble a bit here and there, but nothing is grabbing my attention or has been much a part of my daily work.  This has been troubling to me.  A “block” while I attempt to work through a new phase of life.  It is OK, but I miss the creative flow.

I decided to sign-up for Jenny’s class to allow myself to paint with the instructions of another.  A way to expand my intuitive painting and explore from another point of view.  I recently left a job (of my own positive release of what was not working) and signed-up for this class from the place of my “highest-self”. (…because, you know, I wanted to sign-up for a MILLION online classes when in the darkness of mild depression, but my higher-self helped me to wait it out…looking for a creative support from a place of calm).

When I began the process, there was much “mark making”.  This was fun and light.  Then, the “calming of the canvas” brought out images, shapes and textures that created a “scene”.  I have placed the photos in order on this post.  And I notice many things. 

But for now…I am wondering what you notice?  I am wondering where you are on your creative journey.  I am wondering how you work through your process.. 

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