Flashes of Insight

I have been dancing for my morning movement/meditation and find this to be a beautiful way to start my day!

I was taking Nia Dance classes locally, but could not continue to fit them into my weekly schedule due to a shift in work (read:  new job). This was difficult, as I was really enjoying the interaction with others who are creating a community around dance/music/spirituality led by the lovely Jessica Fashun.  I miss this group and hope to one day connect when the timing works once again in the future.

Looking around again…I tried a bit of yoga locally (which will be a connection to another beautiful tribe), and then to my delight I found NiaTV!  Yes!  Nia Dance can now be streamed!  

So, my new morning routine is to get up at 6:00 AM and dance for 30 minutes to an hour before getting ready for work.  I have needed this type of movement.  While I delight in being in a “live” dance class, this NiaTV work has brought forward some interesting contemplation.

As I dance…

  1.  I notice “flashes” of light and “flashes” of insights
  2. Being lower to the ground, I think/feel differently
  3. Watching my hands with my eyes as I move shifts my perspective
  4. Free dance is exhilarating

I will continue with dancing and noticing this month.  What else might I discover?  I am writing in my journal AFTER I dance, which adds to the words that show up on the journal page.  I will also be taking a few photos AS I dance to “capture the light” of the movement.  

These “flashes” of light and insight will be a part of my next series of Instagram posts.  I will also be participating in Art Every Day Month posting these images as my “art every day” #AEDM2017 

What are you creating these days?



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