Focus on Your Creative Work

When fears arise in the midst of your creative work, practice affirmations, get supportive friends and share your thoughts.   Then, let the negative thoughts pass through your mind and get right back in there creating!

So often we begin a project with so much enthusiasm and positive thoughts!  We get settled and begin to create.  Or, we go to an uplifting event and carry the joy into the next few weeks.  But then, something happens.  Those voices, that doubt, the old feeling of “not being worthy” creep in.  We listen. We put our work aside and believe we cannot continue.

When doubts arise…what do you do?

Stay where you are.  If you are in the middle of a great project…if you are enjoying “creating” of some kind, stay with it!  Let the thoughts slide through.  Ask yourself, “Is this true?” If this still isn’t enough, take the words, and turn them around into an affirmation.

Here is an example:

I am not good enough to continue this work.  Can be changed to the following: I am good enough.  I am good enough to continue.  Continue this work…I am enough!


I am not an expert and should stop now. Can be changed to the following:  I am an expert.  Stop now and affirm that I am an expert!  I am.

This is trick you can play with words.  You will stay in the moment Write out the affirmation that resonates with you.  Listen to that inner voice, change the words to the positive and get back to creating!

Another great way to change your thinking is to connect with a trusted friend.  Jot an email, give a quick call or text, filling them in on where your thoughts have gone.  The act of noticing the negative thoughts, supporting you by changing them and/or connecting with others shifts the energy.

You can get back to your amazing creating!

As you continue to “stay” with your creative self, and you have distracted the negative chatter, you may become tired or need a change of scenery.

If a break is necessary, give it a time limit and get back to your task.

Energy is being used while you create; sometimes more energy than others.

If you do need a break in the middle of your 2 hours of creating a larger project, be sure to give yourself a time limit. Also, be sure the break nourishes your energy flow.

Breaks need to “feed” your energy, so that you can get back on task.  Some energy boosters may be getting a nourishing snack, change of scenery (a walk, a stretch, a big *sigh*), or looking up at the sky.

Then, when the time is up, get back to your creative project with renewed energy and passion!

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