Geogoraphy is No Longer Our Master 7 — 6 Comments

  1. Since distance is not an issue we should be able to show others our passion easily. Kind of scarey to think how far I could go with that. I find that sometimes people want to see the real thing so I think there
    needs to be a balance. I may not be commenting on the rest of the book and I am having a thumb joint replacement tomorrow morning. Lots of time to reflect here and in Michigan. Because of this I read the rest of the book. I like the calendar and log book idea, but mostly I liked Chapter 10 about not trying to do everything which I have always done. I will definately have to ponder that.

    • Hi Sally,
      I agree with you on the balancing. I have found that I had to pick just a few social networking groups and I need face-to-face time with others both socially and in my work.

      I love the freedom of the internet! But need to be mindful that I spend just the right amount of time there (here). I have found amazing friends and contacts, though. It appears to be in layers of like-minded groups and arts-related connections.

      Plus…meeting all of you! People I know face-to-face…but in a different way on-line!

  2. Oh yeah, love this one! It’s hard to believe that just 3 years ago, I wasn’t on facebook, or twitter, and I had barely started my blog. Though nothing replaces face to face contact with my friends and family … having such diverse and interesting friends, from around the world, online is amazing! It brings new perspective, creativity, and insight to me, and also allows me to share and help people so far away.

    Also, I like “leave home” … when it’s time to create, so helpful! Yesterday, I spent an hour or so at Panera drinking a cup of tea and writing. The change of scenery, just getting out of the house, changed my thought patterns, even bringing colors, flavors, and textures into what I wrote. So cool! 🙂 So, now I think I should carry my colors, brushes, and other goodies somewhere else, for a fresh perspective.

    • So many things resonated for me in this chapter. I like this quote:
      “Distance and difference are the secret tonic of creativity. When we get home, home is still the same. But something in our mind has been changed, and that changes everything.” -Jonah Lehrer

      That says it all for me 🙂

  3. All I can say about this chapter is balance! Online is great but it can easily become overwhelming if you try to keep up with everything there is out there. Many great tools but WOW is it difficult to manage. It is very true that geography is not an obstacle, I have connected with people all over Michigan and beyond, some that I knew, many that I didn’t know but now have met or even worked on projects with. Many that I did not know I got connected because of common interests or because we were one degree from being connected through a mutual person.

    Being around people with different interests – even though I have never left home (yep, have lived in the same city all my life), is crucial. Different cultures, different age groups – my full-time work allows me to work with college age students quite often and that is so valuable!

    You do need to get uncomfortable – that is the only time you will make a change!

    • Vacationing in different locations has given me such great perspective. My mind can go to places I have been and recall images and stories…I love that!

      And I have met (and worked with) people after meeting them on Twitter of all places. Also, have found all of my amazing coaches…on-line 🙂 Great groups and tribes of people all connected through the ether world!

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