Going Within

This is the time of year (in the western hemisphere!) when it is dark for longer periods of time.  It is a time to go within.  Look around inside of ourselves and see what we see.  Here are the 5 ways I support my own time going into my inner creative self.

We all need:

  1. Time to go within-to be in the present moment
  2. Time to sleep and rejuvenate- rest in the knowledge of our accomplishments
  3. Time to think and reflect back on the year
  4. Time to reflect on this past year
  5. Time to begin to set in motion the actions for the coming months

Bring in the present moment acknowledging your breath right now.  Meditating even for five minutes to capture where you are right now renews your thoughts and clears your mind.  Stop for a moment at the start of each day and receive the gifts that are right thereā€¦in that moment.

Rest when it becomes darker.  The darkness is a sign for our bodies to rest.  Take time to complete tasks in order to close the door and lay down to sleep.  It is a gift you give your body time to rest and to dream.  Perhaps take this restful time to notice your dreams as you sleep a good 8 hours.  You may receive a gift of clarity that was lost under the bustle of your busy days.

Take time to reflect on your accomplishments for this year.  What has your life looked like?  What were the things that brought your great joy?  Great sorrow?  What have you learned?  Find a way to record these reflections.  I find that writing them (from memory) in my journal or looking back through my past journal entries shows me what a full life I am leading and creating.  I can then celebrate these gems of discovery.

The final step is to create action steps.  What do you wish to set in motion for the coming months?  What did you notice upon your reflections that will move with you into the next year?  What do you wish to let go?

Going within.  Being in the present moment.  Resting.  Reflecting.  Creating action step to reveal the path of your life right now and into the future.

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