How do you like to learn?

lighti bulbsHow do you like to learn?  What is it that is fascinating to you and you wish to try?  Why do you want to learn new things?

Taking the time to learn and gain new information supports our growth.  We glean insights, make new connections and question our belief systems.

One of the ways I learn best is working with a coach one-on-one.

I took some time to write out my core values as suggested by my mentor.  After coming up with 10 words that encompass my core values, I wrote about my beliefs around those core values and created images that sprang up after writing.  I have posted them on my blog.

I shared this with my coach.  She took the time to read each post and noticed something.  She brought to my attention some questions she wanted to ask me in and around my stated value of “teaching”.  This word/value held many questions for me and she wondered if digging deeper might give me some insights.

I thought about the word/value of teaching.  For me, teaching brings with it a sense of structure…of rules of the society and higher learning institutions.

As I thought more about it, and questioned my beliefs around teaching, I found that “sharing” might be a descriptive word that better encompasses what I am really feeling at the core of my beliefs around the idea of “teaching”.

Working with a mentor, or coach, supports my growth and new learning.  A good mentor will gently challenge your beliefs.  She will notice things that maybe so deeply embedded in you that it takes another set of eyes to really “see” what is there.  She will support you in asking yourself “why” you hold these beliefs.  You are then given time to reflect back on your thoughts and ideas and questions, resulting in new ideas or re-organizing old ways of thinking.

There are so many ways to learn.  Take the time to reflect on how you learn best.

What did you discover?


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