How We do Anything, is How We Do Everything


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I have recently begun the process of opening up my next 21 Day session to connect with you all. This upcoming session is called 21 Day Mini-Mastermind.  And having said that…many of you will stop reading this post.  I know this.  I do this.  The SELL is coming and you are not interested.  I get that, so you can stop reading now and go on with your day 🙂

If you are still here reading, I am talking to you.  That thought process (who will want to read this if it is selling something?) comes up for me often as I open a new e-course that has a dollar amount attached to it.

I like to work in metaphor, in creative color, line and shape, in dreams and symbols, in music and in dance/movement…this is the work of my soul.  The work I am called to do.  I love to express myself this way.  When I was a teacher of young children, this was acceptable work (well, mostly!  as there was always the push to go to the academic…but I always pushed back with art and creativity!) and I am working to bring that creative energy into my mini-business.

These last few years I have been continuing to see how my creative work lends itself to the “business” world.  I enjoy the work of consistent marketing, connecting with others through my art and vulnerable work of dreams and creating.  However, the clash in my mind… the constant voice that is in my head that says, “What are you doing?  You cannot call this work!  Others will not want to pay for this!  Stop it now…just do your art for yourself and leave it at that….get a job!”

Huh.  That voice just keeps on coming at me.

I come back to center.  I remind myself that I have a ritual/routine every day that allows for meditation, creating and song.  I am consistent with my work and get to it every day…my creative work, my soul work.  This work has a home in my life, because I intentionally set it there.  Each and every day I do my creative work.  This is my “home”, my heart my connection to Grace.

Once I re-assess and remind myself that I am getting to this work…I can listen to the nasty voice that is popping up.  It needs to be heard, as it is a part of me.  It is showing up for a reason.  So I will listen when I know that I have prepared myself to turn and face that demon.

And you know what…?  I see that this side of me is also important.  This allows me to see that the two sides of my brain actually work together.  The creative work is wonderful, but it needs to be balanced by the focused work…the left brained work.  I actually like that side of me too.  So really, these two “sides” are not mutually exclusive.  Budgeting, planning, scheduling, writing out the work of my “business” is also my work.  I can use the balance to rise above and see the harmony of both.

With that said, I am opening up my 21 Day Mini-Mastermind.  This course is a way to connect to the metaphors of life/work duality and to see that both are necessary to run a mini-business, your own personal life, a full on business and/or just to create your daily rituals and routines.  Change is the only constant, right?  So let’s work with our good-selves and dig into the questions of our work.  Let’s embrace the duality of life and see how the two seemingly opposite things actually work together.  Let’s find the balance and raise our own vibration!

I love to create.  I love to have a discipline.  How I do anything, is how I do everything 🙂

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