Knowing When It’s Time to Fill the Well

well 2Taking the time to create every day takes effort.  When you are in the flow and creating daily you need to have a “full tank” so to speak.  Working with the energy needed to create an effortless flow means creating intentional time to “fill the well”.

What does it mean to “fill the well”? Creating time in your schedule to do something that is just for you fills the well.  Going through your list of what is important to you and picking something that brings you pure joy and energizes you fills the well.

Here are some “clues” below to watch for as you go through your day to notice when it may be time to “fill the well”:

Clue #1-Difficulty receiving
Clue#2-Talking more than Listening
Clue #3-Snapping at others-especially those closest to you
Clue #4- Complaining about tasks instead of mindfully completing them
Clue #5-Taking a small risk is hugely difficult

Notice when these “clues” appear in your day.  What is going on for you at these times?  Are there other clues that you notice that have not been mentioned here?

These clues usually show up when “filling the well” is past due.  These are really clues that the well is DRY!  And it is time to put blocks of time into your schedule that are just for you.  Time to observe, breathe, notice nature, move…anything that brings you joy and fills your soul.  Do that.

Then, be sure to keep those times in your schedule every day.  Filling the well takes conscious effort.  Intentionally scheduling in time for yourself is the most important thing you can do to be filled with the energy you need to create daily.

How do you “fill the well”?


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Knowing When It’s Time to Fill the Well — 2 Comments

  1. Very interesting those clues. As in, I used to feel like that for long, long stretches of time, constantly. Now I recognize and listen to those signals, but I had not really seen 1-2&5 as being related to “a dry well” as such. I’ll have to check up on that if it happens!

  2. I love the idea of tracking when you exhibit one of these behaviors throughout the day and then figuring out what you need to do to change it! My favorite way to refill the well is to get outside and take a walk–or curl up with a great book to inspire me.

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