Learning from Others

For the past few weeks, I have been running my Elemental Observation e-course.  I run this class in the fall and spring (in the Western Hemisphere) and delight in it each time it comes around.  

I always learn something new and love to see the images that show up from the participants!  

To start…comments from Kris:

“On Angles and other prompts: I’ve been through this EO course multiple times now. I take A LOT of cell phone photos and miss many opportunities – but feel this particular course really motivates me internally to look for or take a particular photo (vs. What I am drawn to). BECAUSE of this, I take photos at times I wouldn’t and of subjects I wouldn’t think of of consider.

Another observation is that being a part of a group doing the same thing feels purposeful and challenging. I look forward to seeing how others’ interpret the topic for the day.” -Kris

Here are some of the comments when we were looking for “reflections” …and reflecting:

” I have looked forward to the chance to take some time out to consider a different way of seeing. It has been a mini retreat from routine and very welcome. ” -Fiona

“I have been a little more mindful of what is around me and have enjoyed making these simple images – which is not always simple. I echo Fiona; it has been a bit of a mini retreat. Also, a “treat” just for me! You are bringing a little creativity to all of us…just perfect!” -Becky

“It has been an interesting opportunity to experience familiar paths in different ways, looking more intently at what has been there to see all along.” -Shelly

” It has been summed up as a mini retreat, a respite. It provided a mindful experience, gave me fresh eyes to view my yard. It was joy without pressure to produce a perfect picture. Thanks for doing this.” -Michelle FV

“This has been fun. I take photos every day, looking for random spots of beauty, so this was something new to focus on.” -Karen

” I have greatly enjoyed the invitation to look deeper with the themes of the day…even the struggle with resistance was enlightening. Also, I have been so amazed and impressed with the diversity of photos & collages from the participants…what a group! I even enjoyed the challenge to get a new app for photos on my phone so I could “get creative.” I very seldom carry my phone on my person, especially when walking in nature but got creative around that, too!” -Toni

These are just some of the comments as we have reflected back over the experience of noticing different “art elements” each day.  A simple, daily practice that leads to a mindful, intention-setting time during the busy day.

I have learned through these sessions that I really enjoy seeing where other people spend their time, what elements “speak” to them as they look for certain elements, and that sometimes, resistance can be found in the simplest of tasks. 

I will most likely find myself over the next few days “looking” for certain things…yet the course will be at an end, so the looking will begin to melt away and change into something new.

The biggest learning for me through working with others in any of my 21 day sessions is the beauty of connection.  Connection with a purpose.  Connection with intention.  

To keep connected with the wonderful members of my on-line tribe, the next e-course I have in my 21 day series is the 21 Day Mini-Mastermind.  Click here for more information and to join in!

Round and round we go!  I love connecting with all of you beautiful souls!


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