Let’s Celebrate Together!

I just saw one of the origami cubes I made a few years back.  It sits on an end table in our home.  Seeing this box made me smile.  It reminded me of patience, accomplishment, practice, discipline and connection.  I made this box a few years back creating origami with my boys.

Teaching others (and ourselves) to do one small intricate thing can bring a sense of calmness-of meditation. (Also, some frustration and upset!)  But continued focus toward completion brings a sense of satisfaction; creating a moment of creativity in our lives that is multi-faceted.

Why do these small creative things each day?  What is the benefit?

Taking a moment to do one simple creative thing each day, adds to the larger picture of our lives.  We heal our frenzied minds.  We calm our thoughts and bring forth energy to do a task.  When that creative task is completed, we have a sense of accomplishment.  Being excited about creating something intricate is satisfying. Celebrate it!

How does this connect to the larger picture of our lives?  I think of it like this: “When we move one grain of sand, we change the universe”.  Each tiny act builds on to others until we have connected ourselves into the intricate fabric of one-ness.

Here are the 6 steps of elegant creating that hold true for me:

  1. Patience-taking the time to remain focused on “one simple creative act” requires time and energy.  We may wish to abandon the project, but sticking with it and holding the space and time required to complete an act of creating is worth the wait.
  2. Practice-doing something over and over provides experience for our body/brain to remember certain patterns.  This allows the creative act to be a bit simpler each time we do it again.
  3. Discipline-remaining focused on a creative task takes patience and focus.  It requires positive self-talk that coaches us along…or the support of a coach or teacher, knowing if we stick to the task, we will learn the elements of that task that bring new discoveries into our lives.
  4. Connection-Creating something new brings thoughts of how it is integrated with a myriad of other tasks, ideas and the larger “one-ness” of the world.  As you begin one thing, you see how it takes your own knowledge and skills from your past, the knowledge from others who may give you insights as to how to do the task more simply and elegantly and the greater metaphors of life; the cycles within and the cycles of the world.
  5. Accomplishment-As soon as you complete even the simplest of creative acts there is a sense of accomplishment.  I DID IT!  This is always a welcomed feeling.
  6. Celebration-The most important of all creating is how will you celebrate?  Taking time to reflect on your creative accomplishment is a celebration in itself.  It takes energy to create.  Give back to your body, mind and soul and enjoy the beauty of what you have created!

So, create one small thing today.  Celebrate your accomplishment.  Notice where this leads and how it interconnects in the greater world.

It is a few years later and I see this origami box and feel like I have accomplished something great.  It was a difficult creative task when I made the box.  I struggled, but I finished it!  And the box remains on my table as a reminder to celebrate the small, intricate, elegant creative acts of everyday life.

What will you create today? 



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