My 2012: Revealing Your Year-Long Path January 7, 2012

What a warm and wonderful afternoon!

The My 2012: Revealing Your Year-Long Path was a time of exploration, deep discussion and vision board creation.

We began the afternoon with a visualization. The inspiration for this came from Shatki Gwain’s book entitled Creative Visualization.

There was then a wonderful creative energy infused in the room…and we began to connect to our individual lives as they are right now. Here is a video of the process we explored:

Untitled from Susan Loughrin on Vimeo.

The “pie chart” exercise was inspired by Julia Cameron creator of The Artist’s Way.

We then located the “big ideas” we discovered from our writings and shared them with one another. Once we found the big ideas, we created our vision boards.

Here is the gallery! If you participated, or if you created a vision board for 2012, share it in the Inner Creative Voice on-line gallery! Click here.

At the end of the session, I asked each participant to give one word that described the evening of “revealing our year-long path. Some of the thoughts were….

“I discovered my vision board was all  about…well…ME!”
“I enjoyed the pie-chart activity…It really “showed” me where things are for me right now.”
“I noticed that all of my “big ideas” really connect with one another.   I actually drew arrows to show the inner-connectedness.”
“I enjoyed hearing others connections.”
“I see that my connecting dots are like an elastic cord.  When one moves, it causes the others to shift.”
“I see that I organize in a linear way.  Different than others.”

Great energy! Wonderful connections…powerful insights as we continue to create our lives into the coming year. If you were unable to attend, and wish to connect with me on-line and create your own vision board with support, click here.

I would love to hear from you! Leave a comment below, and share your thoughts.

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