My Creative Self

APJY6341A while ago, I spent time working with a creativity coach. She helped me to really connect back to the essence of my creative self.

How did she do this?

Many amazing hours connecting via phone, sharing assignments to dig deeper into my creativity and she listened. She really listened.

While there were many thoughts and activities that remain with me from that experience, there are two that I cycle back to most regularly. I am going to describe one of those activities for you here. (The other, I will fill you in on next week.)

My coach said, “Write down what you love to do.”

That was it.

And so I wrote.

I wrote during my morning pages, I wrote in the afternoon and evening. I wrote down “things I love to do” on note cards, napkins, scraps of envelopes in the car…I wrote anytime I thought of something that I loved to do.

I purchased a special notebook in which I transferred all of my jottings. I keep it near me still.
What I discovered from this experience was that I truly enjoyed very simple things…petting the cats, taking a long walk, tea in the morning, a ray of sunshine…this surprised me. I thought I would have written big, lofty things on that list.

But no…

The simple joys of small things is what I truly love.

I go back to this list when I get crazy and frenzied. I re-read it. I choose one of those “things I love” and I put it into my daily practice. I notice how something that simple can change the way I get through a day.

My question for you is …What is on your “list of things you love to do”?”

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