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I like to create something every day and share it.  It is not always easy…so I set aside time each day, usually in the early morning, to challenge myself (even in tiny ways) to create something.  As the morning turns to afternoon and then to evening, I can look back and know that I added a small, creative act to my day.  This allows me to feel fulfilled…something has been accomplished no matter what else happens.  I have created something and changed the world…

“One grain of sand
One grain of sand on an endless shore
One grain of sand
One little life, who’d ask for more…”  ~Pete Seeger

IMG_3030Here is a place filled with artistry and connection; a place where you can shine and be heard as you travel on your creative journey.

Open your mind to trusting the creative process that will unfold for you as you explore this website.

Rest in the knowledge that your integrity will be honored in this place.  Share here…you are safe.

Are you looking for a place to get ideas and build a creative tribe?  That is what I seek.  If this sounds like a place where you would feel comfortable learning about creativity, sharing the work you do each day and growing in your daily creative journey, come on in!

Take a look at some of the offerings here at Inner Creative Voice!  I look forward to meeting you along the way…Click the spiral to sign-up for my Inner~Creative~Voice Newsletter: