Knowing When It’s Time to Fill the Well

Taking the time to create every day takes effort.  When you are in the flow and creating daily you need to have a “full tank” so to speak.  Working with the energy needed to create an effortless flow means creating intentional time to “fill the well”.

What does it mean to “fill the well”? Creating time in your schedule to do something that is just for you fills the well.  Going through your list of what is important to you and picking something that brings you pure joy and energizes you fills the well.

Here are some “clues” below to watch for as you go through your day to notice when it may be time to “fill the well”:

Clue #1-Difficulty receiving
Clue#2-Talking more than Listening
Clue #3-Snapping at others-especially those closest to you
Clue #4- Complaining about tasks instead of mindfully completing them
Clue #5-Taking a small risk is hugely difficult

Notice when these “clues” appear in your day.  What is going on for you at these times?  Are there other clues that you notice that have not been mentioned here?

These clues usually show up when “filling the well” is past due.  These are really clues that the well is DRY!  And it is time to put blocks of time into your schedule that are just for you.  Time to observe, breathe, notice nature, move…anything that brings you joy and fills your soul.  Do that.

Then, be sure to keep those times in your schedule every day.  Filling the well takes conscious effort.  Intentionally scheduling in time for yourself is the most important thing you can do to be filled with the energy you need to create daily.

How do you “fill the well”?

Sunday Check-In Begins January 15, 2015

sunday check in account group imageSunday Check-In Accountability Group:

A three month accountability group facilitated by Susan Loughrin January 15-March15, 2015

Creativity takes time, space and energy.In order to make that time happen, there are ways that we can support our underlying structure and build in that time we need. One of those ways is placing focus on our weekly “to-do” or priority list.I know what you are saying… “What does a “to-do” list have to do with creativity?

Let me ask you a question or two…

  • How do you make more “time” in your day to create?
  • What does a typical day or week look like for you?
  • How often do you reflect on your week to see where your time goes?
  • What would it take for you to hold yourself accountable to your own “time”?

Take a moment to answer those questions before you read on. What do you notice?

Allow me to now say that there IS a way to get this time and structure into your daily life so that you have more time to create!

I am forming a new Sunday Check-In Accountability group for you! This will be a place where you can be held accountable for your weekly planning. This group will be a safe place to center each week and reflect on how you wish to spend your time. (You can read the testimonials on the right to hear what others are saying from my other Sunday Check-In group!)

Ready to register now?  Click here!

What people are saying…

vicki CM photo

I have really enjoyed being a part of Susan’s Sunday Check-in group. I found it really useful to have accountability from stating my goals for the week to Susan and the group and the checking in mid-week and again at the end of the week to see what progress I have made.

I joined the Sunday Check-in to help me make progress on my own photography business which happened without really having any specific focus on it. I have moved from feeling like I was not moving forward on anything creative in my life.

Now with Susan and the check-in group’s support I have attracted photography clients without having do to any marketing and I find I have more time to paint, collage and now I have started a scrapbooking course too! And for Christmas I was given new watercolour paints so I have been learning a new medium which has been lots of fun. All this has come from spending time consciously focusing on how I spend my time and spotting small windows of time to be creative. This is especially important as a mother to two young children.

The other lovely surprise that has come from participating in this group is the deep friendships and connections I have made with people from all over the world. Susan’s Sunday Check-In group has given me inspiration, support, relaxation from the amazing meditations and I have learnt more about myself from the weekly tasks. It has been a valuable part of my journey and I am so grateful to Susan for holding this space.

Vicki Clubley Moore  


The group will run from January 15-March 15, 2015 on a private Facebook page.The support and wisdom of others around us keeps us energized and grounded as we travel forward. This accountability group will be a chance for you to connect with one another and continue to learn and grow over the next few months; holding yourself accountable to your own creative goals and getting you that time into your schedule to create!


What people are saying…

Lani image

Staying on-task has always been a challenge for me. Sometimes, those reminders of how having a list of priorities can be helpful felt like just more pressure – one more thing to do, one more way for me to beat myself up if things didn’t get done.

I had known about Susan’s groups for at least a year, and the timing was never quite right – eventually, with the start of the school year, I started running out of excuses for myself and my lack of focus, and I jumped in – mostly because I trusted Susan to be gentle in her reminders and support.

My favorite part of the group was the mid-week nudge. A quick reminder that I had a list of things I wanted to accomplish, and reflection of my own intention back to me – huge motivator to know if I was staying on track or not.

The support in the group of women on Facebook then allowed me to talk about what was limiting me, what was in the way, and if I was off track, a way to get back on (usually). Knowing that there were others in the same space, with the same struggles, and with the best of intentions helped to hold that mental space – like I could release my own internal pressure/dialog, because I’d put it online, and they would help bring my attention back to the things that are important to me, in the midst of

The most surprising result of my time in the group is how much more often I paint now. Not for any specific purpose, but every once in a while, I’ll just start, and it’s because there is space in my head for other ideas since my priorities are tucked somewhere that I can reference later.

-Lani Harmon

Here are the “outlines of the Sunday Check-In Accountability” clearly laid out:

Sunday Check-inEach week you will receive a “reminder” email on Saturday for the “Sunday Check-In” to write the following:

  • 3 “priorities” you wish to pursue for the week
  • one question you have about your creative journey to pose to the group

How the group will work:

  • You will be added to a private Facebook group page (This will be our communication connection to list those 3 “priorities” each week. You will need to have a Facebook account.)
  • The group will be facilitated by me, Susan Loughrin with a mid-week check in and an end of the week “reflection” time
  • Each week you will receive an audio recording by Susan that will lead you though the “how” and the “why” of setting priorities each week
  • Each week you will receive an meditation audio to support your mindfulness throughout each week
  • The group will run January 15-March 15, 2015
  • Investment:  $97.00

If this sounds like an accountability group you would like to be a part of as you journey forward creating your life you can sign-up here . You will be meeting many new people of like-mind and holding a space for each other to create the “time” to do what you love.Still wondering if this is the right choice for you? Take a look a some of the benefits below…

Why be a part of this accountability group?

  • The Sunday Check-In Accountability group is simple and doable
  • The focus is on making time work FOR you
  • By connecting to your priorities each week, you create your life
  • By reflecting on your time spent focused on your priorities, you free up time for your creative journey
  • You will “see” how you spend your time
  • You will be holding yourself accountable to yourself
  • You will be supported by one another with combined wisdom

What people are saying….

Cara testimonial image

Before participating in the Sunday Check-in, I tended to be rather haphazard in planning my week. Sometimes I’d be disciplined in making to-do lists, other times what I needed to get done was written on post-its and scraps all over the place.

With the Sunday Check-in, I was able to create a ritual to plan for my week: creating a to-do list, but also spending some time reflecting on what really needed to be completed for the week so I could highlight where my time would be best spent. I find I really look forward to the time I spend on Sundays with my calendar, notepads, post-its and a cup of tea, it really helps set a positive tone for the week.

The ritual also helps me see my creative work as an important part of my life that deserves time on my calendar along with soccer practice and doctor’s appointments and grocery shopping.

The support of the other members of the group has been more valuable than I ever imagined!

It’s inspiring to see everyone set priorities and how they deal with how life’s influence on our plans. Of course, when you’re having a good week it’s nice to get feedback from the group but when you’re having an off week, kind words from people that have been watching you work hard can provide a little bit of distance and perspective you can’t give always yourself. Creative work can sometimes be isolating so it’s comforting to have group to bounce ideas off of or get fresh ideas on how to combine creative work and ‘real life’.

(Susan, this group has been so great, I just can’t tell you. I’m terrible at winter, the chill just seems to suck my motivation away. I really credit the group and setting priorities and your meditations and videos with keeping the blues away this year. Thank you!)

-Cara Ellison Halbirt


I am excited to connect with you all, see if this will be a fit for you and get to know you a little better! Feel free to respond to this email if you have any questions.If it feels right, click here to register!




Sunday Check-In Registration


This group will run January 15-March 15, 2015


Overview of the weekly check-in:

Each week you will receive a “reminder” email on Saturday for the “Sunday Check-In” to write the following:

  • 3 “priorities” you wish to pursue for the week

  •  Pose to the group one question you have about your creative journey

How the group will work:

  • You will be added to a private Facebook group page (This will be our communication connection to list those 3 “priorities” each week.  You will need to have a Facebook account.)

  • The group will be facilitated by me, Susan Loughrin with a mid-week check in and an end of the week “reflection” time

  • You will receive a weekly audio discussing the “how” and the “why” of creating 3 priorities each week

  • You will receive a weekly meditation audio to support you in creating a mindful space throughout your week

  • The group will run January 15-March 15, 2015

  • Investment:     $97.00

If this sounds like an accountability group you would like to be a part of as you journey forward creating your life you, please sign-up below.

 You will be meeting many new people of like-mind and holding a space for each other to create “time” to do what you love.

Become a part of the Sunday Check-In Accountability Group!

Investment:     $97.00

Creating Your Space

Today I would like to talk with you about creating your space; the space you will use to do your creative work every day.

The question I want to start with is to ask you, Where do you find the most important, wonderful place to do your creative work? Where is that space? Is it in your home? Is it in your office? Is it somewhere completely different? Where is the place that you know you can go to and sit down every day that holds the energy around you to be just exactly what you need to do your creative work.

Take some time to think about that. Where IS that place for you? It could be a very simple place, like the end of your couch, a corner of your house, where you have your important things set up, it could be in your bedroom, it could be in a completely different room in the house, it could be anywhere that you choose, anywhere that your creative work gets done on a daily basis.

The next question I want you to think about when creating your space would be, What will you have IN your space? What are those little totems, those things that are touchstones for you…reminders to you to get to your creative work. What are the things that are important just to you?


I pulled some of those items from my own space to show you in the photo above. A card with the word JOY, a note card with my own affirmations that I write, different crystals for energy, animal totem touch stones that speak to me, my tarot cards, a turkey feather and a burl knot vase to remind me of nature. These things all have special meanings for me and I keep them close by and in sight in my creative space.

Much of my creative work is written (painted or drawn), so I have different types of journals on hand at all times. Plus, I read and read and read so books (stacked on tables, on shelves and sitting out!) are in all of the areas where I work creatively.

The other thing I want you to think about is this: What are the things you WILL do in your creative space, and what are those things you will NOT do in your creative space?

What are the things you will not allow yourself to do in our creative space, because what you WILL be doing in that space takes the important pieces of your life and helps you put them together to create what you DO what to have in your life.

Giving yourself rules and parameters for what you will create sets your intention for your space. It is worth pondering ahead of time visually. Then, as you create and experience your space, notice what shows up. Does it look like what you had envisioned? The space itself will remain the same, but the items within it will change and shift as your life changes and shifts.

Set up the parameters for yourself, your family and anyone else who might be around your space. Let them know your intention. Fill them in on your schedule and the boundaries for your space. This is vital to creating harmony in your space and ensuring it is sacred to you.

Where is your space? What type of space will it take to get you to do your creative work every single day? What will get you INTO that space every day to create?

I would love to hear from you. Drop me a note or photo of your creative space, if you wish.

Now get out there and set up your creative space!

Sunday Check-In Week 5 Creating Your Space

Take some time to think about your creative space.  Where is that space?  What totems, affirmations, touchstones do you place in your space.  What do you notice as you think about your own perfect space? In this video, I ask you those questions, show you some of the touch-stones that are in my personal, creative space and a wonderful book to get you to go a bit deeper.

Take a moment to drop me a note and let me know what you think!