How We do Anything, is How We Do Everything


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I have recently begun the process of opening up my next 21 Day session to connect with you all. This upcoming session is called 21 Day Mini-Mastermind.  And having said that…many of you will stop reading this post.  I know this.  I do this.  The SELL is coming and you are not interested.  I get that, so you can stop reading now and go on with your day 🙂

If you are still here reading, I am talking to you.  That thought process (who will want to read this if it is selling something?) comes up for me often as I open a new e-course that has a dollar amount attached to it.

I like to work in metaphor, in creative color, line and shape, in dreams and symbols, in music and in dance/movement…this is the work of my soul.  The work I am called to do.  I love to express myself this way.  When I was a teacher of young children, this was acceptable work (well, mostly!  as there was always the push to go to the academic…but I always pushed back with art and creativity!) and I am working to bring that creative energy into my mini-business.

These last few years I have been continuing to see how my creative work lends itself to the “business” world.  I enjoy the work of consistent marketing, connecting with others through my art and vulnerable work of dreams and creating.  However, the clash in my mind… the constant voice that is in my head that says, “What are you doing?  You cannot call this work!  Others will not want to pay for this!  Stop it now…just do your art for yourself and leave it at that….get a job!”

Huh.  That voice just keeps on coming at me.

I come back to center.  I remind myself that I have a ritual/routine every day that allows for meditation, creating and song.  I am consistent with my work and get to it every day…my creative work, my soul work.  This work has a home in my life, because I intentionally set it there.  Each and every day I do my creative work.  This is my “home”, my heart my connection to Grace.

Once I re-assess and remind myself that I am getting to this work…I can listen to the nasty voice that is popping up.  It needs to be heard, as it is a part of me.  It is showing up for a reason.  So I will listen when I know that I have prepared myself to turn and face that demon.

And you know what…?  I see that this side of me is also important.  This allows me to see that the two sides of my brain actually work together.  The creative work is wonderful, but it needs to be balanced by the focused work…the left brained work.  I actually like that side of me too.  So really, these two “sides” are not mutually exclusive.  Budgeting, planning, scheduling, writing out the work of my “business” is also my work.  I can use the balance to rise above and see the harmony of both.

With that said, I am opening up my 21 Day Mini-Mastermind.  This course is a way to connect to the metaphors of life/work duality and to see that both are necessary to run a mini-business, your own personal life, a full on business and/or just to create your daily rituals and routines.  Change is the only constant, right?  So let’s work with our good-selves and dig into the questions of our work.  Let’s embrace the duality of life and see how the two seemingly opposite things actually work together.  Let’s find the balance and raise our own vibration!

I love to create.  I love to have a discipline.  How I do anything, is how I do everything 🙂

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Meditation: Create a Safe Place from the Chaos

As I go another year through the Great Round with Julie Gibbons and Mandala Magic, I find myself back in the Void.

This is the time of year I want to de-clutter, get organized, plan for the New Year, and generally use my left brain to get to work!  Yet…the Void asks us to focus on our Yin energy…our feminine energy of “resting in the darkness”.  I am left to flounder a bit here in what to do…?

voidSo, I created a “void” mandala, a black circle…only black.  Nothingness.  Nada.  A place to focus and remind myself that quiet is necessary to my creative life.  I use this image to re-focus and get back to letting go.  To allow the world to go on without my input for a while…to rest in the darkness.  I like this place, but need reminders from my healthy, quiet self to go there.  This image helps.

In this round of the Mandala Magic course, I am being invited to use my voice.  To record meditations and visualizations that I can share with others and also listen to myself as reminders. I have placed my first “new” meditation/visualization here.  It is a meditation based on the artwork that Julie Gibbons invites us to create in an actual “visual” form.  I have taken the elements and created the visualization with words, so that you can create the visual in your own minds eye.

Where does this meditation take you?  I would love to know…


21 Day Mini-Mastermind


  • What if you had a group of like-minded people to collaborate with for 21 days?
  • What if you had time to ponder and focus on your own creative work/job/business?
  • What if you took the time to begin to set your intention to share your work?
  • What if you could ask questions of others in order to grow in your work/job/life?

These are the constant questions that I ask myself on a daily basis.  I have discovered that I enjoy working in collaboration with others to help me to answer questions that come up as I grow my business and work a day-job.  I take time each day to write and answer the questions that arise.  However, sharing these questions and my possible answers with others allows me to get a bigger perspective and clarification.  How about you?

I have had such fun facilitating accountability groups for the past few years.  As these groups have progressed, I have noticed a pattern of questions that arise as individuals begin to look at their own work.   I have compiled these questions into this new venture.  Spending time working through those questions with others allows for expansion.  We discover answers to questions that we may not have otherwise figured out on our own.  Connecting with others and their genius work allows us to deepen our own.

Whether you work full-time, stay at home with your kids, work part-time or are retired, I’ll bet there is something inside of you yearning to share your creative work with others.  Perhaps a side-line business, a blog, a website, a class, a creative endeavor…you are a “maker”; a creative that wants to share with others and bring your creative-self into the forefront!

That is why I am opening this e-course, Mini-Mastermind: 21 Days of Questions and Collaboration on February 6, 2017.  This e-course invites you to ponder questions about your creative work and will allow you to collaborate with others to support your journey.  This course will last 21 days and will have a private Facebook group, so that we can connect with one another to see what we discover as we ponder questions and connect with one another around a common topic.

What you will receive:

1.  Daily emails for 21 days inviting you ponder questions to dig deeper into your creative work/life/business
2.  An invitation to a private Facebook group to share what you discover and to share your ideas with others
3.  Intentional focus on common questions, answers and ideas to grow in our business/work/life (facilitated by Susan Loughrin)

Simple.  Clear.  Mini-Mastermind.
21 Days for $21.00. 
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Waiting in the Fog



I have been looking for Omens in these 12 Days of Christmas (see article here).  Each of these discoveries has been found on the various walks in nature I have taken.  I will use each of the images to remind me of the 12 months of the calendar year for 2017 and see how these “days out of calendar” relate to my unique year ahead.

The image or *”augury” that appeared on the first day of Christmas for January is “fog”.

The month of January 2017 has begun and I am taking note already in my Morning Pages that I am definitely in that state.  Fog. No real clear seeing of what is ahead, but the edges of things are appearing through the mist.

I will take January to be a month to just “be”.  My tendency this month is to get out and really get things under-control and moving, but I am asking myself to slow down.  To take the time to let things reveal themselves through the fog.  Everything in its own perfect time.

What are you noticing as you begin your New Year?

img_9017Here are the next 4 images from my Christmas Omen Journey.  I will write an article at the start of each month reminding me of the image that came from this work.  I have 2 days left at the writing of this article.  I am excited to see what shows up and how these symbols play out this coming year.

*Augury-a sign of what will happen in the future; an omen.

Starting the New Year with Action

Here comes the New Year!

Perhaps you have chosen a word of the year or you are creating a vision board. Maybe you are listing out your New Year’s resolutions. These are all wonderful ways to put your intentions out into the universe.

I believe that envisioning the future through imagery and writing out your goals and intentions allows them to flow out into the world riding on your created vibration. Yes, the universe will vibrate along with your desires.

But how will you put action to your intentions here on earth? How can you manifest your goals that are attainable through work and actively create what you want?

Sunday Check-in is a way to do this. The Sunday Check-in Accountability group invites you to take a look at the 3 priorities that are most important to you in a given week. You are then asked each Wednesday to check back in with yourself to see how you are doing with your own work. On Fridays, you are requested to reflect back over your week and ask “what did I accomplish?”. Then notice what did you not get to…and ponder over why that is and perhaps discover what it is that stopped you from getting to your priorities. This process repeats for 12 weeks through a private Facebook group with others who are taking on the work of prioritizing their own creative work.

What if you took action this year to set your intention and manifest your priorities? Click here to learn more about the Sunday Check-in Accountability group and register today!

Setting the Intention for the New Year! Sunday Check-in Starts Soon!

How will you be setting up your New Year?  Yeah, I know, everyone is talking about it and writing about it right now, so you might miss this.  But I am going to take a moment to remind you of how important your creative work is.

You matter.

Your creative work matters.

You have all of those ideas…and really, really, really want to be focused this year!

…yet every year…

*sigh*  things get lost in the shuffle of the day-to-day.  You get busy.  You want to set that schedule, but it just keeps getting further and further out of reach…

But your creative work DOES matter!  That idea you have…it needs to be shared! I know this…because it has also been my path.

What if I told you there was a way to get to your creative work?  What if I invited you to take a look at this Sunday Check-in Accountability Group to discover what it is all about?  What if you committed to 3 months at the start of this year to set your intentions in a group that is searching for the same thing as you are?

Curious?  Click here to learn more about the Sunday Check-in Accountability Group that starts January 1, 2017!

Setting Intentions to Get Super Clear

What if you took a closer look at the priorities that you want to have in your life each day?  What if you took the time to learn how to get super clear with your own intentions and actually get to those priorities?  What if you had a group that would support your intentions and help you to hold yourself accountable to what it is you truly wish to accomplish each week?

Sunday Check-in Accountability group is designed to do just that.  To help you to really see what it is that is important to you in your work, your creativity and your life.  What is it YOU wish to accomplish? It is time to get super clear and dig into what that is, exactly, for you.

In the video above, I give you a bit of information on how the Sunday Check-in works. Each Sunday for 3 months you set your three priorities for the week.  Here is how the pattern goes:

  • Sunday Check-in; What are the three things you wish to accomplish?  Write them out and share with the private Facebook group
  • Wednesdays check-in: “check-in” with yourself.  How is your week going?  Are you getting to your set intentions?  You can explore this and connect with others in the private Facebook group to dig into what is working…and what is not.
  • Friday reflection;   What priorities did you set and complete, which ones were not met and why…?

This work helps you get super clear on what work is important to you. This simple pattern allows you to take a look at how you set your intentions for the day, the week and the month.  It is up to you to look closely at what works, what holds you back and what ignites you into action!

There is a world of creative action that you are ready to step into!  Will you join in the Sunday Check-in and get clear on your true intentions?  The world is waiting for your work!

Take a look here to learn more about the next Sunday Check-In that begins January 1, 2017!

Reflecting to Find your Own Unique Voice

Here is one meditation video from my 21 Days of Reflection e-course.

I have been spending the month of December “reflecting” on this past year through my 21 Days of Reflection e-course.  Each morning, I listen to a different mediation and ponder the questions.   I created the questions for this e-course while pondering my own true values.  What is deeply important to me as a human being.

The one question that continues to resonate with me is “How did you spend time with friends this year?”. This one really brought happiness to my heart as I thought of all of the new and old friendships that I have been nurturing this past year and how those will move into the next year.

These thoughts lead me to today’s article.  I have discovered over the years that having good friendships strengthens my own voice.  I know that there are others out there with whom I can deeply or frivolously connect.  I can bounce my worries and joys off of a supportive, listening ear and spend some time laughing, listening, growing and grounding.  These wonderful people, my friends, give me the invitation to share my voice…my truth, my creativity, my love and my heart.

Do you ever have those times when it is difficult to find your own voice?  When you wish to speak up, but stop just short of sharing your thoughts?  When you know you have something valuable to share…but you remain mute?

How do you find your own voice?

Take a moment to reflect back on the questions above.  What is happening when you wish to speak up but don’t?  How do you feel when this happens?  What stories does it bring to mind?  Reflecting back on thoughts and feelings may give you insights in to what may be being “triggered” when this happens.

Think back on what it is that forms your true values.  What do you believe in?  What can you stand behind because it is your truth?  What is ultimately important to you?

Discovering your values will help you to find your voice.  Here is a list of 5 tasks to help you realize your true values:

  1. Write out what you believe is true about you….your unique self
  2. Read back through what you have written
  3. Circle the words or phrases that show up most often…or words that truly resonate within you
  4. Pick 10 words that describe the essence of your values
  5. Type up that list and print it out

Find a place to keep this list of 10 words.  Put it where you will see it every day.  Reflect back on these words and their deeper meaning for you.  Keep it in view for a month.  Check back on these words that show your values daily.  Think on each word.  What deeper meaning does each word hold for you?

Now, when you are in another situation where you are hesitant to speak, remember your values.  Think about your words.  Which ones will you use to find your voice?

Friendship… that is the first word from my list.  What is yours?

Sharing What You Do…Stepping Into Your Fear

Sharing your story, what you do, who you are with the world takes bravery.  It took me years of dipping in my toe, stepping back and learning to trust before I allowed my blog to become more bold…to actually create classes online…to know that my work was wanted out there in the world.

  • What is your story?
  • What is it you wish to share with the world?
  • Who are the people you trust, the people you know who are looking for what you offer?

In this video, I talk about how I started the Sunday Check-In Accountability Group.  I needed a group of people with whom I could share in a safe environment.  A group to hold me accountable to my own work.  This group grew and I began to discover others were looking for many of the same things I was.  This helped me to understand that I have value…my work has value.

  • What does it take for you to step into your fear?
  • What if you had a group to share in your growth…to help you hold yourself accountable to your own work?
  • How do you want to share your work?  What is important to you?

There is a bigger nudge inviting you to share your work…you feel it!  What if you step into your fear and join us in the next Sunday Check-in?  Click here to learn more…

Drama and Emotions Hooking us In

I love a good dramatic show or storyline.  Intense characters that hold me in suspense until the shocking turn of events, hanging on the every word of the storyteller as the climax of the story hits, or a great ending that I didn’t expect based on the characters “dramatic” emotions.

These are all based on real –life somehow, right?  However, when this emotional drama shows up in my life, I see how it leads me astray.

I am talking about the high energy that is in others and in me; the stories that take me away from my focus,  the stories told by others that hold them in their “drama”, my own fears that turn into “drama” that overwhelms my emotions.  The world is filled with this “drama” designed to lead us away from our truth.

You know the stories:

  • Gossip is happening in the break room and you want to be a part of it, knowing that no real good will come of it; whipping up your emotions and the emotions of others with the negative energy.  But you SO want to fit in and feed that emotional, social pull.
  • Working on something that is important to you and you hear your kids fighting, so you get up to “check it out” taking on their drama, losing your valuable time and your mood becomes foul.
  • A friend calls, you are focused on something for your creative self, you see her number on your cell…knowing she always has a good “drama” going on and you take the call…pulling yourself away for hours of chat then hanging up with no real resolution.
  • Side-tracking yourself as your sit to write in your journal by asking a question from an emotional state to your spouse or partner  (as they head out the door)and starting an old argument that re-occurs each time you bring up the topic
  • Turning on the news, or getting side-tracked into a debate about politics when you wish to be doing your creative work

Does it ever feel that way to you?  Allowing drama and emotions to hook you in and take you off of your path?

You may be thinking you are reflecting on something, maybe getting an emotional release of some kind, but it turns out to be ADDING to the emotional state in a negative way.  When you attempt to get back to the task you WERE working on, your emotions are all jumbled and running your thoughts.  Your body is filled with the emotions and sends impulses that are agitating.  Then, you cannot get back to your original task…too many emotions, too much time has gone by, you simply cannot focus.

If I begin to believe a false truth, or hook into my own emotions or someone else’s, I bring in emotions that are counterproductive to my work.  If I allow this to happen, I begin to design my life around the negative thought patterns.  Some of my life has been built up with a great many “ways of being” around this “false truth” and I am working to change that….take down that false creation and build again.

If I wish to create every day, I need to know my truth.  I need to be aware of the emotional “drama” that goes on around me and within me.  I need to be mindful of this to remain on my path.  (Easier said than done!)

In order to be at peace, to find those inner moments to create, I must have the following in place:

  1. Holding true to my routine
  2. Knowing my truth
  3. Turning the TV, news, radio…off!
  4. Gentle reminders to my family of how I wish to be treated
  5. No complaining, drama gossip, whining (my own drama) allowed

This holds me to my focus.  When the “drama” and emotions whip up around me, I can remain the eye in the storm.  I can remind myself of what my task is and stick with it.

As I see a drama beginning to unfold, I need to watch.  I need to see where the truth lies within me.  I need to let the story unfold and then I need to reflect back on my truth.  What part of this drama serves my truth?  What part of this story is emotional overload and does NOT serve my truth?

Yes, those stories that “pull us in”, those dramas on TV and in the movies and those amazing page turning novels…they are based in real life situations.

However, that emotional pull needs to be left to the world of the dramatic arts.  When I am working on my own life, a little less drama is needed.  A little more peace and focus keeps my emotions calm and supports me in getting my creative work accomplished.