Taking a Risk (part 2)

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Have you taken some risks this past week?  I would love to hear about them!  It is always helpful to connect with others and get a big “Great job!” from someone we trust.

I have had one of the subscribers to this email say to me, “I believe in you, Susan!”  This still resonates with me.  I am so grateful for this beautiful connection.  So, take your risks, and connect with someone to let them know what you have accomplished.  I mentioned that I am here to listen to your “risk taking”, because it is important to share with others on the same path.  Here is a good place to start.

Now…on to the rest of the list!

Top 10 Risk Stoppers…the last five!

5.  Someone might laugh at me!
-Why not go ahead and laugh, yourself.  Really!  Smile and pull a belly laugh out of yourself right now!  Laughter is fun. It is a healthy way to begin your day.  So smile and laugh along…laugh through the fear.  Keep the positive flow in your life.  Those who laugh at you might just begin to laugh with you as the joy you share is contagious.  Laugh…and the whole world laughs with you.  Keep your world light.

4.  What if I am stealing someone else’s ideas?
-Twyla Tharp said it best in her book The Creative Habit.
“Honey, it’s all been done before. Nothing’s really original. Not Homer or Shakespeare and certainly not you. Get over yourself.”

3.  Who said you could do that?
-Who indeed?  Why you, of course!  You know your truth.  You know you must share what is deeply important to you.  You have the power to create your own reasons why.  You can do that because…that’s why.

2.  I might get hurt.
-Yes, you might get hurt.  But in every risk, there is that possibility.  That which hurts us makes us stronger.  And then again…you might NOT get hurt.  Either way, you gain new perspective by taking a risk and learning to grow.

1.  I am not worthy.
-Turn this around.  “I am worthy.”  Just say these empowering words to yourself every day.  Speak them.  Believe them.  Turn your negative thoughts around into positive statements…beliefs.  I am worthy.  I am knowledgeable.  Words and thoughts are empowering and create your truth.

This week’s challenge is to take a risk a day.  That challenge can be moved into every day.  Create your list of risks.  Choose one to do each day.  Keep them small.  Once you have taken a risk, notice what happens. Write out your noticings.  Celebrate each night in a journal.  “I took a risk today!” and write it out.  Empower yourself.

Taking a Risk-Part 1

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Acappella Affirmation:
Taking a chance
Finding my way
Learning to grow
One risk a day

I have been thinking a lot about the risks I take each day.  Whether big or tiny, they are empowering…and sometimes scary!

Here is a list of the top 10 Risk Stoppers (as I see them!):

10.  I can’t do that!
9.  Someone will have a problem with that.
8.  They won’t like me.
7.  People will yell at me.
6.  I do not have a “degree” in that.
5.  People will laugh at me.
4.  What if I am stealing someone else’s idea?
3.  Who said you could do that?
2.  I might get hurt.
1.  I am not worthy…

Any of these sound familiar?  I even had difficulty writing this, because I have seen lists similar to this over the years in my reading.  However, I am taking a risk by sharing these words and calling this article my own.  (AHHH!)

Now, I will walk you through what I say to myself as these risks come up.  In this article, I will go through the first 5.  Next week, I will go through the next 5.  This list is important to really take apart and create changes.

 Risk taking is scary…however, the empowerment we gain allows us to learn and grow. So here we go…

10.  I can’t do that!
-My question to that, then, is “Why not?”  Take a moment to list out all of the reasons “why not” and turn them around.  You CAN do that.

9.  Someone will have a problem with that.
-Who?  List out all of the people you believe will have problem with that.  Give a reason why they will have a problem with that.  What to you notice?  Who are they?

8.  They won’t like me.
-Who are they?  What is not to like?  And…what would happen if indeed they don’t like you?  There are always those in the world who will like us, and those who will not like us no matter what we do.  The question is, are you taking a risk for something that YOU believe in?  For your own truth?  Then, you will like yourself if you take that leap.  Let any others like you or not, that is for them to decide.  You, decide to like you.

7.  People will yell at me!
-Who will yell at you?  Really?  Take a moment to list out the negative “yelling” voices in your head.  To whom do they belong?  When was the last time someone yelled at you?  Reflect on that.  What was going on?

6.  I do not have a “degree” in that.
-List out all of the ways you are an “expert” in the work that you love.  Life experience IS your degree.  How many hours have you devoted to the learning?  Sharing what you know with others is the way to continue to grow your experience.  They are waiting to learn from you!  The passion and enthusiasm that you bring to the topic will bring in those who are looking for your expertise.  Just take the risk and share what you know!

Whew!  Can you take one risk a day this week?  Choose one from above and have a go!  Jump in and reflect on what holds you back.  Explore your own risk stoppers, turn one around and take the risk!

Next week, I will share the remaining 5.  By then, you will have taken at least one new risk!  So you are on your way to a risk a day!

Potential and Kinetic Energy

IMG_0031 (1)

There are those times where the need to be internal are necessary. Taking time to rest and rejuvenate is essential. Building up the energy needed for when creative fire strikes!

What creative ideas are burning inside of you? What is waiting in the quiet as a small spark ready to ignite?

I have been thinking about potential energy and kinetic energy. Remember in High School physics…learning about these different types of energy? Remember taking a rubber band and pulling it taut (potential energy) then letting it fly (kinetic energy)?

Well, the same thing applies to creativity. Here is how I see it:

  • Rubber band lying on the table-Ready for anything…or the potential energy of the matter that just “is”
  • Rubber band being slowly stretched-Gaining insights, bringing together supplies, gathering ideas, building energy
  • Rubber band is let go-that initial creative explosion into the unknown
  • Rubber band flying-creativity expending energy of any creative act
  • Rubber band lands and is at rest-time to rest and rejuvenate begin to rebuild energy for the next creative burst…and time to reflect

I find it fascinating that after so many years I can still connect to those lessons from my past. The laws of nature that show up as metaphors are still proving to be worth noting. The whole idea of energy is so fascinating. The images of ordinary objects in the world help me to see the unseen. Energy is there. I feel it, but I cannot necessarily “see” it…unless some object is in motion.

This also reminds me of the need to rest in between creative bursts; building up the energy for the next creative act.

What potential creative energy is ready to burst forth and fly in your life?

Taking a Risk



Taking a chance
Finding my way
Learning to grow
One risk a day

In Susan Jeffers’ book, Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway, she asks us to take a risk every day.

When I think of risks…I think, well, might I mountain climb?  Sky dive?  Ski from a helicopter?

Then, I read what she has written…and I begin to look for the small risks I need to get me through each day.  These surprise me…as they do not really seem like risks…but they are…to me:

  • call the eye doctor to set my next appointment
  • call the salon to get a hair cut
  • walk the dog on her lead in a new neighborhood
  • record receipts
  • set a budget date and stick to it
  • allow my kids to make mistakes
  • pick up the ringing phone
  • write in my journal…when I feel like I have nothing to say
  • go to a new restaurant
  • write a song
  • get on the airplane
  • call to set dates for a presentation I will do
  • drawing my dreams (even when I feel like I really cannot draw!)
  • send a hand written letter
  • say I am sorry…when I am wrong or have hurt someone
  • take the blame for something I have done

There are more…but I am beginning to feel REALLY uncomfortable as I write this list.  I re-read this list and think, well this is silly!  These things are so simple, how can I call them “risks”?

Each of the tasks on the lists above triggers something in me.  They trigger fear, (What if I make an appointment on a day when the family has something else planned?), incompetence (I can’t do that!), time (I do not have time to do that!), the need for clarity (I do not have a clear explanation, or I have not planned it out, so I just won’t do it.)

Do you ever feel this way? 

So here is what I do.  I need to pick up the phone, have the calendar in place and make the appointment.  I pick up a marker and draw one simple line from my dream that will help me a recall it later.  I will look at my schedule and make time to clarify my goals, the tiny and the big.
Jumping in to a risk unprepared is also important.  Sometimes, you just do it and deal with what happens afterward.  It may even turn out to be great!

So one risk every day is what I will take.  Feel the fear, and do it any way.

What risk will you take today?

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