Tarot Readings~What are you looking for on your life’s journey?


  • Do you ever feel like you get stuck in your “to-do” list?
  • How about when your mind is spinning and it is difficult to get out of that rut, what do you do?
  • What are some things you can do to get you out of your head and into your heart?

When I ask those questions of myself, I find that I turn to my tarot cards. I ask a question to “gain insights” on a certain topic. I choose three cards. I ponder the cards that appear and allow the metaphors from the card images to take me out of my “mind” and into my “heart”.

Does this sound like an opportunity that resonates with you?

Well you are in luck! I am opening up my tarot reading to support you in discovering what metaphors reside in your heart. Take some time to ponder the questions that flit around in your mind and bring them down to you through a tarot reading.

Remember, tarot card readings are a way to help you to refocus. There is no magic answer to your question. The tarot allows you to relax, focus on a questions that is important to your life right now and brings your attention to your higher self. This shifts your mind from spinning in circles and opens your heart to receive the messages that are all around you. A form of centering and focusing on the creative aspects of your self.

Images and metaphors are all around us. Take some time to focus on your big questions. Let go of the “to-do” list for a time and focus on you.


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  • One question = $10.00
  • Two questions = $20.00
  • Three questions = $30.00

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*You’ll receive an answer to your question(s) in about 48 hours after I have received your payment.

Be gentle, absorb the metaphors you receive and enjoy the journey!

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*Tarot readings are a way to connect with your own knowing.  All readings are intuited by Susan of Inner Creative Voice.  Tarot readings are for entertainment purposes only.  No guarantee can be given as to the accuracy of a reading. The user is responsible for his/her own life choices and decisions. We are not qualified to give legal, financial, medical or any other advice, and we do not give advice. If you require advice of any kind you should seek a suitable licensed professional.

Riffing on the Selfie~Creating Self-Portraits

4 selfies

I am taking selfies and then painting them as a study of SELF.  This is a study I am undertaking as I continue to journey through Mandala Magic with Julie Gibbons.  I am taking photos of myself, creating interesting “filters” that share a mood I might be going through (using the Enlight app) and then I am painting that “selfie” image as a self-portrait in acrylic.

I am noticing many interesting things as I move through this process.  One of the BIG ones is this “Should I continue to post images of myself on the internet?  What is the purpose of sharing this personal work?”  Lots of issues around the SELF out there in the greater world.  I will speak to this more in a bit.

Right now, I will share the first four paintings I have created and will add in the journal writings that have accompanied them.  This is giving me an interesting perspective into my SELF, my painting and the mixing of the two.

  1.  Alien-Bug-  Anger at having to be held back.  Exposing my views is vulnerable.  When I do speak out my angry side shows.  Others do not wish to see this.  They find it upsetting and they tell me so.  She can be ugly…and God-forbid we ever show our ugly, dark sides!  But she is hugely empowering.  To hold on to this mode of emotion/energy (which is not all anger alone) and to keep this strength…to move through situations is tricky for me.  I want to back down…to prove I am “nice” again…pretty and complacent.  Oh boy.  Hold on to Alien-Bug woman and use her strength to speak my truth.painted selfies

2.  Underwater-Blue selfie-where I do my best thinking surrounded by water.  Being enveloped by water and held by “emotion” the feelings and issues are allowed to move out as I move through the water.  Slow out air, blow out the emotions.  Becoming a different weight…part of water and the earth. Transforming into a different realm, one with my tribe my deeper earth mother. When people fail me or I fail myself this is my refuge.  My God.

3.  Third Eye-sending out positive energy working to help others. Needing to sit in the calm place and radiate out my good energy  However, this one feels a bit false (as a selfie) pat and over-used; no real deeper meaning other than this looks cool,  However, I remember that the face is over laying an image I took of the full moon.  The reflected light is the moon energy. Will others see this as a false guide? Perhaps this image is most telling because I feel like a spiritual body yet this is presumptuous the “who do you think you are?” image.

4.  Fragmented self portrait-  sort of made me sick to my stomach looking at the final painting of this one.  The eyes look like mine.  The fractured features and stern line of the mouth make me feel constricted.  Sort of like everything that is happening “to” me and I am working to hold it all together.  Sternness will not hold things together, I have found.  Big eyes are also a sign of attempting to keep things held in.  This image is strong in my psyche.  Needing to let go into the fractured parts and see what I will see.

The back and forth between playing with digital photos and filters AND painting what I see has shown me many layers.  Some of my SELF (my psyche) and some of the skills of painting (in which I have no formal training).  Lots of layers here to explore.

This is also exhausting emotional work.  I am going to keep creating these selfies/paintings until I have 12.  I will take a break for a few days to rest up from the energy that is exuded.  Very interesting…

What are you creating today?


Morning Pages…Done!

mp doneI just closed my 21 Days of Morning Pages group.  What a delightful way to connect with others through the powerful work of writing daily morning pages.

I showed up.
I wrote each day.
I created a visual to support my daily commitment.
I am still writing…

Each day a reminder was sent out.  Each day I woke up to first, write my morning pages.  Then, I posted the reminder link to the private Facebook group that we used for the session.  Sometimes members of the group let me know if they had written that day.  However, I left this group open to moving through the experience in whatever way people wanted to connect.

This was very freeing!

Showing up for ourselves is our own responsibility; our own commitment to ourselves.  Creating a daily routine centers us for our daily life’s work.  I am seeing this as my constant theme over and over.  The routine may shift and change in certain ways, but I show up for myself.  I show up to my own daily ritual.  What works for me to get through the critical voice in my head, the resistance to change and challenge.  This allows a window to open up where I can settle in to being me.  I have an open invitation to create.

Do you practice writing Morning Pages?  What has your experience been like?  I would love to hear.

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Standing Tall

standing firmStanding in my own power.  What if you stood on your journal and traced around your feet?  Then, you took a few days to add shapes and colors to your feet outlines?   What would show up there?  What shapes/symbols are powerful to you?  What would this say about you?

I did this exercise for the Mandala Magic course I am continuing to experience.  I just let the shapes and colors show up.  I used markers. The final mandala makes me happy.  The symbols that showed up were simple yet important to me.  Stars, moons, triangles, mouths with teeth and colors that represent the earth (where my feet love to be) and the water on the earth (where my soul loves to reside).

What I am also noticing is that creating this mandala (and actually all of the Target mandalas in this stage of the course) is helping me to clarify what I want to share in the world.  What is important to me.  What I want to be really clear on as I move forward.

I took this year off from setting out an article every week.  I am focusing on my SELF in 2016.  However, what is showing up is this:

  • I love to teach
  • I love online connections
  • I love to share with a tribe in “free” groups (that have a purpose)
  • I love to teach online courses for 21 days
  • I think it is important to have *free* offerings and *fee* offerings
  • I enjoy work that has a beginning, middle and and end
  • I enjoy keeping my own work and my classes in manageable amounts of time
  • I enjoying creating payment for my courses that are reasonable and bring people in

It is wonderful to ponder this year.  To notice what shows up.  To speak up, but not feel bound to “produce” blog-posts and coursework every minute.  To market the way that works best with my own style.  To notice that the people with whom I love to create “tribes” are like me.  They like to create everyday.  They like to take creative classes that are within a price-point that is safe.  This continues to be an important part of my teaching journey.

Standing tall…speaking my mind…sharing with others. I am really loving this journey.  I am standing in my power.  I am teaching and creating.  Everything in its own perfect time.

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21 Days~Setting Intention

IMG_4902I am continuing on my journey through Mandala Magic and noticing what shows up.  This month, the focus is on the symbol of “target”. One of the exercises invites us to create concentric circles with oil pastels in the style of Kandinsky.

I LOVED this experience!  Creating the circles in colors that fit my mood for the present moment and then seeing them all together in a grid format was very gratifying.  The colors connected to my mood and emotions while the grid validated my need for organization.  The combination is magical for me.

This experience got me thinking about ways to continue to explore the satisfaction of setting intention while finding ways to be creative every day.  The integration of right brain and left brain as I see it.  Methodical; yet messy and creative. The grid kept things organized, but the oil pastels had a mind of their own!  A bit messy…yet contained in the grid creating a satisfying image.

For years I have explored this integrative philosophy in my online work and most specifically in the Sunday Check-in courses I have created and run.  Taking time each week to set 3 intentions (the methodical routine) and discovering what creative expressions show up when those intentions are followed and honored.  This got me thinking about a new 21 day course…21 Days~Setting Intention.

Perhaps this combination of setting intentions and exploring creativity appeals to you…?  Take a look below at how this 21 Day~Setting Intention course will be set up and see if it resonates with you. This idea idea of intention setting would be so valuable to explore with a group!  Are you in?

I am opening 21 Days~Setting Intention on June 21, 2016 to invite you to set your intentions for 21 days and look for the creativity that shows up in your daily life.  This course will last 21 days and will have a private Facebook group so that we can connect with one another to see what we discover as we notice how developing a routine by setting intention allows for the flow of creativity to enter into our daily lives.

IMG_4978 (1)

What you will receive:

1.  Daily emails for 21 days with specific invitations to create this new routine of setting intention (starting June 21, 2016)

  • 5 days of audio/video sharing with you about the “how” or purpose of setting intention
  • 3 emails inviting you to set 3 intentions for the week
  • 3 mid-week reminders to notice how you are focusing on your 3 chosen intentions
  • 3 reflection invitations to see what begins to show up
  • 7 days of reminders to connect on the Facebook group
2.  An invitation to a private Facebook group to share what you “see” and notice on this journey
Creating a routine.  Reflecting on creativity. Connecting in a tribe. 21 Days~Setting Intention .
21 Days for $21.00. 
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Getting Back to Morning Pages~21 Days

flame in triangleWhile exploring many things in the Mandala Magic class I am taking, I am noticing my deep need to journal.  First thing in the morning, get up and write 3 pages, whatever lands on the page.  This allows me to get out onto paper all of those thoughts that ramble around for me in the morning taking me to dark places and/or places of overwhelm.  These rambling thoughts make it difficult to start the day.  However, when I write those thoughts into my journal each morning, I begin to get freed-up from all of that “thought energy” weight.

The shape that showed up as my most recent mandala was this triangle with the flame.  The symbol of the upward pointing triangle is part of the stage I am in in my course, and it was really not resonating with me.  But after I created this image, I began to see the need for clarity and simplicity in my life right now.  Working with the shape (upward triangle) and challenging myself to dig a bit deeper brought me to this understanding.

Enter in Morning Pages

Morning Pages are a way for me to gain this clarity and simplicity from my monkey-mind.  I wrote as a young person in “stream of consciousness”.  Then, years later, discovered Julia Cameron’s book The Artist’s Way and have been through the work several times, each time with a new perspective of age and wisdom.

There is a part of me that keeps saying, “You have already done this work!  Why pull out Morning Pages again?”  I find that my inner voice says this to me a LOT!  I want to be done with things.  But there are certain things I am discovering that I need to approach with a zen mind, a beginners mind, over and over again.IMG_4964

I am inviting you to join me in the challenge to write Morning Pages for 21 Days beginning on May 15, 2016.  This will be a free connection where we can hold one another accountable to the practice of writing each AM in the Morning Pages format laid out by Julia Cameron (see the video below).

Register here and I will add you to the 21 Days of Morning Pages email.  (This will be a reminder email only for the 21 days of the session).  I will also open a secret Facebook page where we can create a tribe and hold one another accountable to writing, plus see what we discover! Hope you will join in!

Morning Pages by Julia Cameron
In her own words…click the image to go to her video


Listening and Re-Creating a Life

self mm
I have taken a break from a weekly e-newsletter.  I have stepped back from building a “business”.  I am working through a Mandala Magic yearlong e-course to get centered this year.

The years and years of working with coaches, mentors and online business gurus is in the past for me.  I learned a LOT from these amazing people…but I also learned what I want to let go of in my life. I became tired of the focus on make money make money make money…and all of the words and thoughts that went with that.

I know that if you run a business a big part of the purpose is to make money.  This did not quite ever resonate with me.  Sure, I listened and worked and followed the patterns and the “systems” and the consistent marketing and created and followed through on creating “business plans”.  Yes.  All good stuff.  It does work.  But I continued to get exhausted and was not truly following my path.

spiralMy heart-centered work as a teacher (for this is the basis of what and who I truly am) knows that getting paid for what I do is very important.  However, sharing my work with others and creating groups and classes…well, sometimes I work it to get paid, but sometimes the joy of the group and learning together holds more of my attention.

I have come back around and around to the conclusion that I like having a job that is fulfilling (and part-time).  I make enough money to live, (although others even within my household might disagree with this;)  But this serves me well.  I have always worked part-time and lived on less.  If fits my world.  I know I know…that voice inside my head says “you should get paid for all of that work you do!”  But isn’t that what that voice says to everyone?  Aren’t we all hoping to get paid what we are “worth”…?  what the hell does that even mean?  I just begin to become “entitled” to what I am worth…and I actually see that this stops me from growing.  I believe getting paid for the work you do is important.  That is how our world works.  But the amount…well, this continues to be debatable.  I do not have the answer here, yet know that working as a solo-entrepreneur is not my strong suit. Working with others and dare I say…FOR others is more aligned to my personality and working style.

stage 4 tree

I have come right back around to knowing a few things about how I operate (and this is not for everyone…this is how I am choosing to operate in the world at this time).  I like to have a job to pay the bills.  I like to be part-time, so that I can get the work done at home that is important to me.  I like having time to walk, ponder, read and enjoy.  For so many years I thought that in order to get that, I had to make more money.  But actually, I plan better, budget better and live within my means…which has always been just how I like it.

I am happier.

I love to teach and have found a true joy in teaching online courses.  I have found that simple 21 day sessions at dollar a day payment work well.  People enjoy the time frame and the price point.  And I can hold these classes as many times or as few times as I wish.  I like this.  I have also gotten back to “free” community teaching/learning experiences.  This was how I started with blogging… and I am bringing it back.  Connecting through Facebook and/or Instagram with daily challenges…this brings groups together and allows me to work on my own growth with the connections to others.  I like that.  Smaller bits fit in between the open spaces of my life/work.

The Mandala Magic course with Julie Gibbons is giving me the contemplative space this year to notice.  To make some changes in my systems, structures and rituals.  Breaking the old work apart and watching to see what emerges.  When I feel the panic to go back to the old patterns…I come back to center and remember that I am working on a mandala a month in this Mandala Magic e-course.  And when I need to connect and/or teach…I am allowing that to come forward in 21 day sessions or free group challenges.  All of this follows my own patterning for living a creative life.

bliss mm

Love this process…



Elemental Observations~Spring!



adjective: elemental
1.  Primary or basic.  “elemental features from which all other structures are compounded”
                synonyms:  basic, primary, fundamental, essential, root, underlying
  • What if you took 5 minutes each day to look for the simple art elements that are all around you?
  • Where do you walk each day?  Is it with intention?  Or do you just meander?
  • How do you “create every day” when you are so busy?

 These are the constant questions that I ask myself on a daily basis.  In answer to these questions, I find tiny moments in each day to notice, really notice what is around me through the lens of my camera.  My phone camera…I love that I can do this!  I am so grateful that I this tool at my finger tips!  Do you have a camera with you each day?

I so enjoy looking for the art elements that show up all around me.  I spent last summer and fall finding these elements and posting them in  tiny “collages”.  The response to those simple images was amazing.  Something so simple that touched others so deeply.  I love this and created and e-course around it last fall.

Now that it is spring, I want to get out and look for those art elements again!  I want to take time each day to observe and delight in the newness that surrounds me!  Want to join me?

I am opening Elemental Observations:  #EO2016 on April 21, 2016 to invite you to “walk with me” and look for the art elements that are all around you.  This course will last 21 days and will have a private Facebook group so that we can connect with one another to see what we discover as we notice the elements that are in the mundane things we pass by each day.


What you will receive:
1.  Daily emails for 21 days inviting you to notice certain elements for that day (starting April 21, 2016)
2.  An invitation to a private Facebook group to share what you “see”
3.  Intentional focus using any camera that you have available to you daily

Simple.  Clear.  Elemental observations.
21 Days for $21.00. 
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Celtic Knots-A study and practice

knots 1This month, I am going to practice Celtic knots.  This is a practice I have embarked upon several times.  There is something very gratifying to me about creating a morning ritual that requires a bit of discipline to complete.

Usually, I like to begin my mornings with a ritual that is more blissful and free-flowing.  However, I think I am feeling the energy of the coming spring and wish to be more focused.

As I worked through the first knot (the image on the left), I was reminded of how difficult this task is for me.  The way the lines need to appear to overlap or weave in and out of one another.  My brain needs LOTS of focus as I do this!  It does not come naturally to me.  Spatially, I cannot always grasp the visual without a trick or directions to follow.  This is interesting to me as a learner.

Here is the book I use for this practice: book celtic knots

Pencils and erasers bring me joy and much relief as I work through these knots!!!

For the past several days I have been choosing one knot to create and practice.  I am looking at the intricate knots and enjoying the challenge to myself to get there in the next few weeks 🙂

What are you creating this week?  Follow me on Instagram and we can share what we are creating!

IMG_3709 (1)

Bliss this month in mandala magic 2016

This month in the Mandala Magic course I am taking, the focus is on “bliss”;  that state of being wherein enter symbols and the beginnings of the senses.







I have been looking for symbols that have shown themselves in my life over the years.  I have discovered spirals, shoes, stars, trees and shoes are constant symbols in my work and being.

I have continued to look for symbols that show up in the tarot cards that I read each day.  This has been an interesting exercise where I look at each card and find just ONE image that stands out to me at that time.  I have some of the simple drawings here in the image on the right.


Here is and my journal from the other day.  I have begun to take the common symbols from my life and have begun to weave them into mandala sketches.  As I move through this stage of “bliss” I have continued to allow the symbols to show up.  Noticing and playing, but keeping them floating in a soup of wonder and delight for future projects…or just to notice.

The image at the start of this page is one where I painting in the soothing watercolor medium that I love so much.  Swirls of color with no apparent meaning…but beautiful to create.


I then was reminded of the many watercolor images I created this summer to reflect my feelings each day.  Those have been sitting in a pile awaiting a new life.  I have cut them into circles (mandala shapes) and will ponder the next stage/form they might take as I continue to contemplate “bliss” this month.