Stay Centered through the Fear

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When you are worrying, you are planning.  When you are appreciating you are planning.  What are you planning?


Daily ritual I follow…

  1. Write in the morning
  2. Keep your rituals in place
  3. Remember what you have set in motion
  4. Watch for self-sabotage and shift it with affirmations
  5. Smile at yourself In the mirror
  6. know your affirmations, say them, sing them, write them
  7. Do one, simple creative thing each day
  8. Reflect

It is interesting to be at this point in my life where I have been nudged out of a situation that no longer serves, and entering into a new world where I am cobbling together a work/sustainable life.

I want to retreat.  I am scared.  I feel like I need to “do what others tell me”.  Be liked.  Don’t rock the boat.

But then I think of all of the times, from the safety of hiding behind my job with cash flow, I would encourage others to create.  Now that the comfort of my job and cash flow is a bit wonky and being created as I go, I feel unstable.  This makes me question my own personal, creative work.  I am angry at the thought of creating under stress.   I want to banish creativity as a waste of time.  I see, now, what everyone has been saying to me over the years when I invited them to create daily: “But I have to make money, Susan!  I cannot waste my time creating!”  Then, I hear all of the media and politicians blathering on and on about creating jobs…”Don’t waste your time on the arts…” they say, it brings up so much fear for me.

Wow. Whoa. Wait a minute…

Haven’t I spent my entire life creating?  Haven’t  I  found work and connections over the years through my own creative endeavors?  Haven’t I discovered that creating, singing, dancing, writing and  painting have supported me both emotionally and monetarily?  These acts of using my imagination have opened the world to me.

I have found ways to stand in my beliefs and create a life that is full and rich and joyous.

It is now time to encourage myself to hold true to my morning ritual of writing.  To sing and dance even when I feel like crawling into a hole and hiding from my fears.  It is time to practice what I preach …while being here, now,  at my most vulnerable.

I am creating my life.  What I have set in motion is unfolding into my next steps.  Whatever you’re thinking, whatever you are doing in this moment is literally planning the future event s of your life.  Be in the moment.  Be mindful of now.  Embrace your creativity and imagination even when you are vulnerable and scared.  Now.

When you are worrying, you are planning.  When you are appreciating you are planning.  What are you planning?


Noticing Nature

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Taking the time to enjoy the outdoors is a beautiful gift. In any weather, a bit of time each day to explore out-of-doors allows for peaceful, meditative communing with nature.

Below are some suggestions for things that you can do while out in nature to invite in the peace. To bring the natural world closer to you.

Creating a Collection

1. Take a walk out in nature. Invite yourself to pick up objects of interest, (leaves, rocks, sticks, shells…). All objects (within safe boundaries) can be welcomed. Bring along something to collect you objects.

2. When you return home, find a spot and put out all of the found objects. What do you see? Enjoy the questioning and wondering. Maybe write out what you see. Or take a photo of your objects as they are laid out. Enjoy the moment…the little things.

3. Listen to your inner voice as you enjoy observing the objects you have discovered. What do you notice? What natural objects called to you? This is your true connection to the earth. Your inner calling of what is important for you to notice.

4. Now, take the objects and place them back in to nature. Or, if you prefer to use some of them for an altar, or meditative focal point, that is a beautiful thing, too.

Other ideas…

1. Draw what you see
2. Discuss what is “natural” and what is “human made”.
3. Write out the descriptive words
4. Keep a journal of your collections
5. Create a container for your collections
6. Days later, reflect back

Remember to take some time to see what treasures are right there in front of you! And if you have a moment, share your thoughts with me. I love learning about you through your own creative journey.

Signs from the Universe


Interesting how things come to a close as life moves on. Recently, I saw 3 people from my past work life. I saw each of them on the anniversary of a significant work related shift. I saw this as an important message from the universe to me. It has been exactly one year. I saw 3 people from my past directly and solidly in my waking life and was able to say “goodbye”, to release and let go. Rest easy. Say good-bye. Let go.

I have said goodbye to a part of my past that has been hanging around in my thoughts holding me back from how I am able to clearly see myself. The emotional ride from one year ago until now has been significant.


I have always wrestled around to what it means to let go of the past. Isn’t the past what has shaped me into what I am now? Isn’t the past a reminder of where I have been and what I have accomplished? Aren’t we supposed to “remember the past and learn from the past”?

Well, yes and no.

Of course I will always remember the past and what I have accomplished. I have been shaped by the past and have gained clarity from those years. However, the past has been running me. The past has been running my thoughts and emotions because I have been allowing it to do so. I have been projecting my old beliefs onto my new and changing life. This is just not serving me anymore. It is time to move on.

Seeing people from my past, people whom I projected a lot of my own issues onto was enlightening. When I saw each of these people, I noted my reactions. I thought my emotions would overwhelm me…but no.

I felt calm. I felt thankful. I felt happy.

Sometimes it takes the actions of others to help us see where we need to grow. They are most likely not even aware of their role in changing our lives. Or they are aware on some level, but they let go of the personal or psychological connections, because let’s face it, they have their own lives to lead. For me, it took an upheaval in the work place to get me to look squarely at where I needed to direct my own life. I was then confronted with those people who nudged me out of the old and into the new. This was a profound message from the universe for me one year later. And I was open to reflect on my emotions and release the past.

So, changes and shifts happen. We make decisions. We create change. We shift our perspectives. Or we hang on to feelings and emotions that do not serve our greater good. But it takes time to see this. We may sense it on some level.

However, time allows us to work through the feelings and emotions. We are able to get to a better place. Let go of the past, and our attachments to it. I am thankful for the message I received from the universe. I am happy that I was able to reflect on my own beliefs and patterns. I am now able to let go and say good-by. To create a new story. To see my new truth.

Always Working on It


I love having a check-list. I enjoy the feeling of checking things off and calling it DONE. I celebrate those little accomplishments. But do you ever notice how creating your life is never DONE? You check off all of those items on the list and look up to see more that needs to be done!


Sometimes I get tired thinking about it. “You mean I will ALWAYS be working on my life?”

Well…yes. But it works in a cycle. Little bits and big bits connecting, combining and the flow continues on around it all. Let me explain what happened to me recently, to give you an idea of what I mean.

Recently, after reaching a point of overwhelm, where everything begins to feel like a pile up of “stuff”, I made a choice. We were preparing to go on a much needed family vacation. I made the choice to enjoy the trip.

Seems simple, right?

But in order to make this happen, I had to get some order…and let go.

I wrote out a list the week before the trip clarifying what absolutely HAD to get done. Then, did those things and checked them off the list. I made sure if it wasn’t on the list, I could let it go and not worry about it. Give it up to the flow of the universe.

This worked.

I made the “choice” to then relax into the vacation, knowing the essentials had been taken care of. On the vacation, I turned off all connections to the outside world and enjoyed relaxation and family time in a lovely place.

It was a bit difficult the first few days, I will admit it. I wanted to get to a computer, worry over big looming projects and upcoming events that would eventually need my attention. But guess what? When I relaxed and told myself all was well, it was.

Here is what I noticed as the “cycle” that emerged. Big bits and little bits…all are a part of the flow of “creating your life”:

  • Clear, necessary steps can be accomplished with a To-Do list of essentials
  • Clarity of “noticing” what can be left for later allows for “letting go”
  • Celebration of accomplishments is essential
  • Time off to relax, reflect and rejuvenate brings perspective
  • Taking things off your plate allows for the “flow” of energy
  • Focusing on the next steps of creating your life moves into place

In the meanwhile, the world keeps turning. It is how we choose to create our lives that live in the details.

I now find I am keeping overwhelm at bay by taking the time to really notice what must be done for the days to run smoothly…and what can be let go. Part of creating our lives is enjoying the time we have. So while always creating our lives, it is important to reflect on that and know what is important to that creating. Taking the time to enjoy the life we are creating is all part of it.

Really, what would be on your MUST DO list, and what could you let go?

Enjoy these moments. Celebrate your accomplishments. Go with the flow.

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Sunday Check-In Accountability Group~6 Month Sign-up

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Sunday Check-In Accountability Group:

How about 6 months connecting with Sunday Check-In Alumni?

I have been thinking about this group A LOT and wanted to see if you were interested in joining me in a new journey!  I have worked with all of you through Sunday Check-in in one way or another for the past 3 years (Wow! Where did that time go?). I miss our weekly connections and the support we can give one another as our creative journeys continue to unfold.

My life has moved in a direction that has taken me back to the world of a daily “job”.  I am very happy about this and am digging in to the new work at a local university happily.  However, I am still pursuing my creative work and continue to see how that shifts and changes as my life takes me in new directions.

So I was thinking, what about an accountability/mastermind group that runs for 6 months?  A way to continue to stay connected with one another wherever we are on our journeys, yet keeping the fires of our creativity acitive and intentional?  How about connecting each week as we have during the regular sessions holding one another accountable and sharing our questions as we create our daily lives?

What do you think? Where is your creative journey leading you?

Creativity takes time, space and energy. In order to make that time happen, there are ways that we can support our underlying structure and build in that time we need. One of those ways is placing focus on our weekly “to-do” or priority list. I know what you are saying… “What does a “to-do” list have to do with creativity?

Let me ask you a question or two…

  • How do you make more “time” in your day to create?
  • What does a typical day or week look like for you?
  • How often do you reflect on your week to see where your time goes?
  • What would it take for you to hold yourself accountable to your own “time”?

Take a moment to answer those questions before you read on. What do you notice?

We know that there IS a way to get this time and structure into our daily lives so that we have more time to create!

I am forming this 6 month group for you! This will be a place where you can be held accountable for your weekly planning. This group will be a safe place to center each week and reflect on how you wish to spend your time.  I will open the group on April 15 and run it through October 15, 2015.  I am offering this 6 month session for a low fee of $37.00 in order to keep the maintenance flowing each week.  I want to be present in the group weekly and share the audios, videos, meditations and questions that arise as we connect thorugh a private Facebook group for the next 6 months.

The group will run as all of the past sessions have run:

*Sunday Check-in email reminder
*Wednesday mid-week check-in email reminder
*Friday end of the week reflection reminder
*Weekly audios, videos with helpful hints/support for holding yourself accountable to your creative work
*Facebook private group

Jump into spring and connect wtih others for support on your creative journey!  Your investment for 6 months of the Sunday Check-in Accountablity Group is just $37.00!

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