Getting Clear

I have been “hibernating”.  I have been spending time “within” both physically and mindfully.  Now, I am just on the edge of being ready to get out there and connect with others!  I am preparing to get back to the re-awakening of the earth and to exploring creatively.  To expand and join with others and learn about what they have been experiencing these past few months.

I continue to see how my work and life intertwine.  Every action I take connects to something or someone else.  I want to continue to explore this, as it is a wonderful way of creating my life, my daily experiences.

The boundaries are a bit blurred.  When am I connecting as a friend and when is it business?  They seem to overlap more and more and I want to explore this idea.  I want to integrate all that I do each day.

Here is how I am going to get out there with integrity to my personal message.

This year is all about “clarity” for me.  Here is a list of what I am getting clear on right now:

Working and Connecting in my new job: 
I want to connect with others in my new work environment; Ottawa County Parks.  I want to look others in the eye and hear their stories. The county park life brings with it much value in the area of community involvement and outdoor life.  I am looking at all of the options and seeing which fit into my life right now.  Taking this slow, as there is so much being offered. I will be fully present in connecting during my work with colleagues and the greater community of my new work environment.

Inner Creative Voice Newsletter/website:
For years I have focused on blogging about “one simple creative thing” each day.  I use my original blog to house those creative explorations.  I am taking a deeper look at what I offer through my written words, on-line connections and e-courses.  I will be modifying my website soon.  I am clearing out much of what does not serve anymore.  I will be getting very clear in my creative work and the simple need to overhaul what is in need of being let go.  Look for some changes in the next few months to my website.  Clarity and simplicity are in order.  My newsletter will still run each week (I love this connection!) However, I will be letting go of face-to-face sessions as I move forward into creating in a new community in this next phase of my life’s work.  My website will be focusing on “Creative Captures” (an e-course set to open in June), Tarot readings (through email) and Sunday Check-ins offerings several times a year.  I appreciate the on-line community I have formed here and want to stream-line my work to reflect that.

Artist Dates:
I will begin to go on artist dates again.  This time I am planning to visit places out in nature and have my camera ready.

In order for this to happen, I need to create a schedule that works within my day.  Here is what it will look like:

  1. Plan artist dates, nature walks and lunches these will be set into my planner.
  2. Photograph “creative captures” on my phone
  3. Upload “creative captures” each day onto my Instagram page

This feels good.  I am happy to be getting clear as my life continues to shift and change.  Letting go is difficult for me…I love to hang on until the bitter end!  But I have found, this does not always serve

Time to sing more for the joy of it with WoodSong 🙂

Where are you seeing things getting “clear” in your creative life?

One Simple Thing Each Day

Take the time each day to do something that you enjoy. One simple thing that truly brings you joy. You deserve it, you matter!

I hear you say, “I am just too busy! How can I possibly add one more thing to my schedule? Really! Who does she think she is talking to? She must not have kids…she must not work…”

I know the drill. I hear you, and I have said all of these things before (and still do, sometimes!) But there are some things to remember….

Remember that you are important. Remember that you set your schedule. Remember that you need to re-connect with the earth beneath your feet. Remember to breathe.

You can create a daily routine that brings joy into each new day. This will support you in bringing one simple thing each day into your daily routine. Here are the three steps to do just that:

1. Noticing:

Take 5 minutes each day just to notice. Stop what you are doing. Set your timer. What do you hear? What do you see? What do you smell? What do you taste? What do you feel? What do you notice?

2. Create a List of the things that bring you joy:

Get out your journal, or a piece of paper, whatever you use to write and create a list. List out all of the things that bring you joy; all of the those tiny, simple things that make you sigh, or smile or just feel joyful inside. Put this list where you can see it every day. Keep it close. This is the essence of you.

3. One Simple Thing Each Day:

Set a time into your schedule. 15 minutes. The first 5 are from step one above. The next 10 minutes are to be used doing something from your list above. Get out your day-planner. Find 15 minutes each day. Put in that time for yourself each day. Do it now. You are worth it

Notice how this changes your day. Learn what really brings you joy. Enjoy 15 minutes every day…you have it in your schedule now. You matter. You are important to us

Sunday Check-In Accountability Group Begins March 1, 2018


Set Intentions

Find Spaciousness

Create Your Work

Join the Sunday Check-in Accountability Group, facilitated by Susan Loughrin

Next Session: March 1-June 1, 2018



Creativity takes time, space and energy.  In order to make that time happen, there are ways that we can support our underlying structure and build in that time we need. One of those ways is placing focus on our weekly “to-do” or priority list.

I know what you are saying…“What does a to-do list have to do with creativity?”

Let me ask you a a few questions…

  • How do you make more “time” in your day to create?
  • What does a typical day or week look like for you?
  • How often do you reflect on your week to see where your time goes?
  • What would it take for you to hold yourself accountable to your own “time”?

Take a moment to answer those questions before you read on. What do you notice?

Allow me to now say that there IS a way to get this time and structure into your daily life so that you have more time to create!

The Sunday Check-In Accountability group will help you do just that.


What people are saying…

Pett Head ShotWe are adult people with jobs, responsibilities, and tasks galore.  Very often, there is more to be done in a week that we can reasonably accomplish. So why one more thing?  Why a check-in group?

The Sunday Check-In group is a space just for YOU and your creative goals.  For me, the Sunday Check-In Group gently holds me accountable to showing up for myself in the midst of the busy-ness of life.

It keeps my goals for creativity within my weekly routine, rather than as a dream that might be fulfilled “when I eventually have the time.” 

My writing life has become less of a fringe notion and more of practice that I embrace in my day-to-day life, because I know that Susan and my mastermind buddies will be waiting for me, cheering me on from cyberspace.  The check-in group helps me to keep my writing practice alive, one goal, one priority, one week at a time.  

The Sunday Check-In group is like a virtual artists’ colony. . . it’s filled with like-minded makers. . . . writers, artists, scholars, crafters, musicians. . . who benefit from the solidarity of knowing that they are not in this pursuit alone.  We have other makers from all over the world walking along side of us, excited to see what our artist friends have created and accomplished this week.

Jennifer Pett


How do you set your intention to ensure that you make time for your creative work?

The Sunday Check-In Group will be a place where you can be held accountable for your weekly planning. This group will be a safe place to center each week and reflect on how you wish to spend your time.


Ready to register now?


How the Sunday Check-In Works:

  • Saturday “reminder” email for the “Sunday Check-In” – to reflect and write on the following:

3 “priorities” you wish to pursue for the week

one question you have about your creative journey to pose to the group

  • Private Facebook Group

Our private Facebook group will be our communication connection to list those 3 “priorities” each week. (You will need to have a Facebook account.)

The group will be facilitated by me, Susan Loughrin, with a mid-week check-in and an end of the week “reflection” time

  • Each week you will receive an audio recording by Susan that will lead you though the “how” and the “why” of setting priorities each week
  • Weekly audio meditation to support your mindfulness throughout each week


This session will run March 1-June 1, 2018


Investment: $247

Ready to join in?


SCIimage2The support and wisdom of others around us keeps us energized and grounded as we travel forward. This accountability group will be your chance to connect with one another and continue to learn and grow over the next few months – holding yourself accountable to your own creative goals and getting you time in your schedule to create!



What people are saying…

maggieThe Sunday Check-in helped me to focus on what I wanted to accomplish and to set reasonable goals for my creative work. Before I began the Sunday Check-in, I would set too many goals for the week leaving me feeling like I had failed to accomplish all the things I had planned to do.

For me I am a very goal orientated person, so if I tell a group of people I am going to do something, I do it.  Working in an accountability group allowed me to see others go through a life struggle and keep on track with  their goals; that is inspiring.

Limiting my check-in list to 3 things in the Sunday Check-in made it something I could accomplish and feel good at the end of the week for completing the goals.

The Sunday Check-in structure is great!  Each Sunday’s “Thinking” (planning) time allowed me to think about what I wanted to accomplish and focus on during that week. This set me up to focus my energy on my goals allowing me to focus my energy and have a plan.  Making actions and activities line up with my goals was a great way to make “TIME” in my busy life. I spent my time more efficiently.

 I am called to create and share that love of creating art with others. So focusing my energy on my priorities in that direction helps me to resist distracting energy sucking activities.

While Being a part of the Sunday Check-ins, many wonderful creative life changing projects were completed. One wonderful thing after the other. I will definitely be a part of Susan’s group again. Well worth it. Best bonus is I was able to connect with some amazing new friends.

Maggie Bandstra, Artist


If this sounds like an accountability group you would like to be a part of as you journey forward creating your life, what are you waiting for?

We are holding a space for you…a space for you to create!


Register here!


Why be a part of this accountability group?

You will be meeting many new people of like-mind and holding a space for each other to create the “time” to do what you love.

Still wondering if this is the right choice for you? Take a look a some of the benefits below…

  • The Sunday Check-In Accountability group is simple and doable
  • The focus is on making time work FOR you
  • By connecting to your priorities each week, you create your life
  • By reflecting on your time spent focused on your priorities, you free up time for your creative journey
  • You will “see” how you spend your time
  • You will be holding yourself accountable to yourself
  • You will be supported by one another with combined wisdom

Join NOW!

Feel free to send me an email [susan (at) innercreativevoice (dot) com] if you have any questions.
I am excited to connect with you all, get to know you a little better, and see if the Sunday Check-In accountability will be a fit for you!




Going Within

This is the time of year (in the western hemisphere!) when it is dark for longer periods of time.  It is a time to go within.  Look around inside of ourselves and see what we see.  Here are the 5 ways I support my own time going into my inner creative self.

We all need:

  1. Time to go within-to be in the present moment
  2. Time to sleep and rejuvenate- rest in the knowledge of our accomplishments
  3. Time to think and reflect back on the year
  4. Time to reflect on this past year
  5. Time to begin to set in motion the actions for the coming months

Bring in the present moment acknowledging your breath right now.  Meditating even for five minutes to capture where you are right now renews your thoughts and clears your mind.  Stop for a moment at the start of each day and receive the gifts that are right there…in that moment.

Rest when it becomes darker.  The darkness is a sign for our bodies to rest.  Take time to complete tasks in order to close the door and lay down to sleep.  It is a gift you give your body time to rest and to dream.  Perhaps take this restful time to notice your dreams as you sleep a good 8 hours.  You may receive a gift of clarity that was lost under the bustle of your busy days.

Take time to reflect on your accomplishments for this year.  What has your life looked like?  What were the things that brought your great joy?  Great sorrow?  What have you learned?  Find a way to record these reflections.  I find that writing them (from memory) in my journal or looking back through my past journal entries shows me what a full life I am leading and creating.  I can then celebrate these gems of discovery.

The final step is to create action steps.  What do you wish to set in motion for the coming months?  What did you notice upon your reflections that will move with you into the next year?  What do you wish to let go?

Going within.  Being in the present moment.  Resting.  Reflecting.  Creating action step to reveal the path of your life right now and into the future.

Find Your Own Voice

Do you ever have those times when it is difficult to find your own voice?  When you wish to speak up, but stop just short of sharing your thoughts?  When you know you have something valuable to share…but you remain mute?

How do you find your own voice?

Take a moment to reflect back on the questions above.  What is happening when you wish to speak up but don’t?  How do you feel when this happens?  What stories does it bring to mind?  Reflecting back on thoughts and feelings may give you insights in to what may be being “triggered” when this happens.

Think back on what it is that forms your true values.  What do you believe in?  What can you stand behind because it is your truth?  What is ultimately important to you?

Discovering your values will help you to find your voice.  Here is a list of 5 tasks to help you realize your true values:

  1. Write out what you believe is true about you….your unique self
  2. Read back through what you have written
  3. Circle the words or phrases that show up most often…or words that truly resonate within you
  4. Pick 10 words that describe the essence of your values
  5. Type up that list and print it out

Find a place to keep this list of 10 words.  Put it where you will see it every day.  Reflect back on these words and their deeper meaning for you.  Keep it in view for a month.  Check back on these words that show your values daily.  Think on each word.  What deeper meaning does each word hold for you?

Now, when you are in another situation where you are hesitant to speak, remember your values.  Think about your words.  Which ones will you use to find your voice?

How about joining in the 21 Day Mini-Marketing session?  Find your voice and learn ways to promote your creative work!  Click here to learn more and to register.

Filling the Well

Taking the time to create every day takes effort. When you are in the flow and creating daily you need to have a “full tank” so to speak. Working with the energy needed to create an effortless flow means creating intentional time to “fill the well”.
What does it mean to “fill the well”? Creating time in your schedule to do something that is just for you fills the well. Going through your list of what is important to you and picking something that brings you pure joy and energizes you fills the well.

Here are some “clues” below to watch for as you go through your day to notice when it may be time to “fill the well”:

Clue #1-Difficulty receiving
Clue#2-Talking more than Listening
Clue #3-Snapping at others-especially those closest to you
Clue #4- Complaining about tasks instead of mindfully completing them
Clue #5-Taking a small risk is hugely difficult

Notice when these “clues” appear in your day. What is going on for you at these times? Are there other clues that you notice that have not been mentioned here?

These clues usually show up when “filling the well” is past due. These are really clues that the well is DRY! And it is time to put blocks of time into your schedule that are just for you. Time to observe, breathe, notice nature, move…anything that brings you joy and fills your soul. Do that.

Then, be sure to keep those times in your schedule every day. Filling the well takes conscious effort. Intentionally scheduling in time for yourself is the most important thing you can do to be filled with the energy you need to create daily.
How do you take time to “fill the well”?

Creating a Consistent Practice

2018 is here…and with it comes the overwhelm I always feel. Excited to begin so many new things, but the tendency to pile them all onto my plate at once…well…

Here is the list right now in my mind…

  • paint
  • clean the house
  • walk daily
  • write daily
  • create amazing meals
  • ski
  • take photos
  • knit hats
  • daily art journal
  • sign up for on-line art classes
  • run e-courses…and market for them
  • set schedule for lunch dates with friends
  • …and on and on…

I want to do all of this NOW and do it all extremely well.  I want a practice set into place NOW!  I want a routine and schedule in place NOW and have it thriving and amazing.  I want to have classes running to  support many, many people in my tribe contributing to the learning and teaching I so love!  I want to create and have a filled creative practice happening.  I want it all and I want it now 😉

So what do I do when this overwhelm hits?  Sit down with tea and read for hours and hours.

HA!  Avoid and enjoy the quiet time of escaping into a great book (or 5).

I know I am not alone 🙂  Dear Reader, you are most likely smiling and nodding along with me here as we know like attracts like…what are you reading BTW?  😉

Now that I have shared a bit of my thinking with you, I will share what I need to do to actually create a practice that works, to take the time to create a consistent plan.

  1.  Get out the calendar (perfect thing to do as the wheel of life turns toward the new year)
  2. Clarify what it is I truly wish to accomplish in the coming days, weeks and months
  3. Focus on clarity of purpose (Each AM, Each PM and overall creative projects)
  4. Stick to my morning routine (stay grounded in what I do each day; write, drink tea, exercise, gratitude practice…)
  5. Share with others (What e-courses fit best each month?  How will I best connect with my tribe and support this creative process?  When will I run classes?  How will I market?  Who would benefit and why?)
  6. Get support!

Also, to support this New Year’s  journey, I will open the 21 Day Mini-Mastermind session.  Let’s connect together to  bring about a consistent practice that is just right for each of us.  I would love to connect with you!  We can hold ourselves accountable to our own creative work. 

Plus, this supports my plan to create a consistent practice!  How about you?!  For more details, click here.

Enjoy these days!  Hope you will join in!


21 Day Mini-Mastermind Starts February 1, 2018



  • What if you had a group of like-minded people to collaborate with for 21 days?
  • What if you had time to ponder and focus on your own creative work/job/business?
  • What if you took the time to begin to set your intention to share your work?
  • What if you could ask questions of others in order to grow in your work/job/life?

These are the constant questions that I ask myself on a daily basis.  I have discovered that I enjoy working in collaboration with others to help me to answer questions that come up as I grow my business and work a day-job.  I take time each day to write and answer the questions that arise.  However, sharing these questions and my possible answers with others allows me to get a bigger perspective and clarification.  How about you?

I have had such fun facilitating accountability groups for the past few years.  As these groups have progressed, I have noticed a pattern of questions that arise as individuals begin to look at their own work.   I have compiled these questions into this new venture.  Spending time working through those questions with others allows for expansion.  We discover answers to questions that we may not have otherwise figured out on our own.  Connecting with others and their genius work allows us to deepen our own.

Whether you work full-time, stay at home with your kids, work part-time or are retired, I’ll bet there is something inside of you yearning to share your creative work with others.  Perhaps a side-line business, a blog, a website, a class, a creative endeavor…you are a “maker”; a creative that wants to share with others and bring your creative-self into the forefront!

That is why I am opening this e-course, Mini-Mastermind: 21 Days of Questions and Collaboration on February 1, 2018.  This e-course invites you to ponder questions about your creative work and will allow you to collaborate with others to support your journey.  This course will last 21 days and will have a private Facebook group, so that we can connect with one another to see what we discover as we ponder questions and connect with one another around a common topic.

What you will receive:

1.  Daily emails for 21 days inviting you ponder questions to dig deeper into your creative work/life/business
2.  An invitation to a private Facebook group to share what you discover and to share your ideas with others
3.  Intentional focus on common questions, answers and ideas to grow in our business/work/life (facilitated by Susan Loughrin)

Simple.  Clear.  Mini-Mastermind.
21 Days for $21.00. 
Click the button below to register:

Clean Slate

Starting the New Year with a clean slate.  My omen for #12daysofchristmasomens for this December (the twelfth day of last year) was a fresh fall of new snow; a clean slate.  Starting again.  Fresh and unlined.

2018 is almost here.  I have been thinking about what I might want to work on through January…the start of the new year.  I have thought about running a class to connect through creativity, writing every day and getting re-connected to my blog and weekly newsletter, doing nothing…

What is showing up for me is the need for rest through this month of December. With this rest, not much is getting accomplished to put anything into order for January.  I am OK with that.  I think writing continues to be at the top of my list.  I enjoy these weekly articles (that are loosely based on my Morning Pages).  So I will continue to write and post here and in my Inner Creative Voice Newsletter each week for all of 2018.

I have also decided to dedicate my time to walking in the local parks (several different Ottawa County parks each week).  I have begun this practice in a small way, but feel the need to create a more structured approach.  Walking, taking photos, documenting in my journal…drawing.  This is what is unfolding for me.  Not a huge new shift from my past walks, but the focus on the county park visits will be a motivator!

I am also reading This is a Story of a Happy Marriage, by Ann Patchett. In this book the author has complied many articles and essays from her work as a freelance writer.  What is SO very apparent in each of these essays (to me) is her writing practice and routines; her creative practice.  She holds to writing for an hour a day…no matter what…in order to get to her creative work while living a VERY busy life.  This is an ideology I, too, strive to live by. 

Get to your creative work. 

Create a routine (watch for good and bad routines that you structure into your life).  This message is also a reminder that I hold to my own creative routine…and I love to help others do the same.  So…in February…I will open up my 21 Day Mini-Mastermind session.  Getting to that work is supported by others who wish for the same nudging towards creating.  Sure, we can do it alone, but connecting with others reminds us that we are part of a greater whole.

See you in 2018 🙂