Creative Captures Day 42

Creative Captures

Day 42
6 weeks today of Creative Captures!  What have you discovered as you have followed along on this journey?  Let me know on the Facebook page in the comments :)

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Video Day!  I had such fun discovering how to use the end of a toothpaste tube to create background leaf shapes :)

Painting and creating leaf shapes (today’s video!)

Colorful sculpture gardens


Creative Organization


photo(23) green leaf shape video




I like to organize.

  • Budgeting
  • Scheduling
  • Planning
  • Systems
  • De-cluttering
I like to create.

  • Dancing/movement
  • Painting/drawing
  • Taking pictures
  • Writing
  • Singing/song writing
  • Dreaming


I see these two ways of thinking separately –AND- I see these two ways of thinking as integrated.


For so many years, I have thought about my “left brain” doing all of the organizational pieces.  While my “right brain” did all of the creative pieces.  While I DO believe that I need time to focus on each separately, when I begin to explore these patterns, I notice something.  Each side shows up.  Yep, even if I am doing something completely rote and routine, I begin to notice the creative elements creeping in.  And when I am immersed in something that seems wholly creative, I notice that an order shows up…or how to build a system or structure around the creating runs through my thoughts.


I have been watching the “patterns” in my life.  I see that I need to devote time to “organizing”.  Yes, this is important as a creative thinker like me.  I have to literally assign myself time in my calendar to organize.  It is not my most natural way of being, like it is my way of “doing”, and it is necessary to creating structure to my days.

Even though it is difficult, I see the ways that I really LIKE organizing.  It can be fulfilling in and of itself.  Setting up the routines, checking tasks off a list, maintaining a budget and scheduling the days and weeks…this can all be very satisfying!  Yet, even as I work through these rote tasks, I notice that my mind can wander.  I notice that I begin to think of ways to make the tasks more fun OR I come up with new creative ideas…you know, those things that pop into your mind and help you solve a problem?  Or are a new way of seeing something?

Now, taking a look at my creative side (where I would like to spend the majority of my time!) I see how this actually is structured in many ways.  There is the time I just draw, paint, dance, dream…just because.  Then, there are the times I structure a 30 day creative challenge for myself!  Taking time out of each day to do one creative act that is calling out to me is a favorite, or taking an e-course or live course in an area that is of interest.  This begins to build in the “structure” for creating….huh…both sides of my brain are really integrating!!!  Cool…

I have read a lot on the power of the brain and how the two sides work separately and together.  This fascinates me.  However, to see it in action by reflecting on my own “patterns of thinking” is much more powerful to me.

How do you like to think?  What patterns do you notice in your creative life?