Morning Ritual

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As the seasons change, morning rituals may change a bit too.  What I keep consistent is the time allotment in the mornings to connect with myself.   I take time each day to connect with my dreams, my body, and the metaphors on my creative journey.

Here is a basic outline for my morning ritual:

  • Yoga-I keep this to a simple 15 minute practice
  • Journaling-I write stream of consciousness, dreams, thoughts, and feelings.  No rules, just writing whatever comes to mind
  • Tea-a soothing warm drink (usually organic herbal tea) to get my system up and running for the day
  • Tarot- I use the cards to discover metaphors in my life and dreams and to ponder my own insights
  • Drawing-creating visuals of my thoughts, dreams, and nature walks.  This gives me a deeper look into my own discoveries.  It also creates a great record in a different medium from writing.

I keep 1 hour open each morning in my schedule for ritual.  This allows for consistency and centering time to begin each day.  The rituals are do-able and totally appropriate for my way of creating meaning in my life.

Be clear with your intention.  Be clear with your time commitment.  Be clear with your sacred time.

I create this time by getting up an hour earlier in the morning than the family.  This allows for quiet time and personal space.  I also let my family know that the morning ritual I have created is sacred to me.  So, if any one should happen to get up early, they know that it is my personal time.  This is essential if you have a family!  They need clarity about your personal rituals and time.  They will respect it if you are clear and let them know that you will be there for them after you have your hour.

Looking back over my morning routine, I see the 4 general qualities that are essential for developing deep, meaningful rituals.

  1. Movement – move your body in some way (yoga, walking, exercise of some kind).  This allows the calm or energetic movements into your body letting the brain and cells know you are awake.  Movement also rids your body of excess energy to clear the way for new thoughts and activities. When you have completed your “movement” session, thank your body for the work it does.  Sit for a moment and feel the changes movement causes to your body.
  2. Warm drink-  I prefer organic herbal tea to let my body know that the systems will begin moving again after sleep.  You may have another favorite warm drink. Simply drinking fresh clear water brings sustenance back to your cells to start the day.  Remember, the brain and body need to be hydrated for optimum focus.  I find the tea is a habit with the kettle set, water boiling and tea steeping creates a ritual all its own.
  3.  Drawing/writing-Recording our thoughts in some manner show us the metaphors in our lives.  It helps us to organize our thoughts and be in the moment.  We are able to capture feelings, thoughts and ideas that are particular to that moment.  Having a visual allows us to go back later and see where things stood for us at a certain time in our lives.
  4. Reflection-Taking time after your morning ritual to reflect may give you insights, creative ideas or just allow you to “see” yourself in that moment in time.  Some questions you might ask:  How does my body feel after a warm drink and movement?  What images showed up in my drawings and or writings?  How will I hold these thoughts or feelings throughout my day?

It takes time to develop rituals that fit your needs.  Each of us is unique.  These are my rituals what will yours be?

Take time to create a schedule that allows for ritual.  The beginnings and endings to each day are the best times to set these.  Morning is filled with possibility and evening is filled with reflection.  One hour to take the time to care for your creative needs.

Setting aside time for your morning ritual is worth it.  Being clear with your intentions brings this sacred time back to you.  You are worth it!

Creative Captures Day 10

Creative Captures

Day 10
Video Today!

Here is the video that completes the white pine image from earlier this week.  Keeping it simple!  Looking for lines, shape and color.

What are you noticing as you move through your daily life?  I would love to see an image or hear from you in the comments on the FB page!

Bright yellow flower against dark green depths

Old deck wood…looking for lines