Bloom True…working with Flora Bowley

Last summer I experienced Flora Bowley’s e-course Bloom True.  What an amazing experience.  Difficult for me to put into words.

I took the time each day last summer to paint and watch the videos and soak it up.  I read the posts that came into my inbox and I savored every word.  I created and explored all of the suggestions that were presented and let the experience wash over me.  I did not talk about it much, but posted images of some of my paintings over the weeks of the course.

It was a magical summer of painting.

Flora asked us at the end of the session to upload an image that was really important to us from the course.  I was going to post the image you see above (which I have entitled The Gardner) with some insights into my experience.  However, I did not.  I found that I needed time to let the work I had done sink in.  I wanted to live in the feelings of painting, the ideas that were just on the edge of my knowing and the music Flora invited us to use as we painted (Kyrstyn Pixton) which I adore.

Just recently, Flora posted about her new idea…TRIBE Tuesdays.  This was so very timely as I have been doing my own painting this summer.  So now I am ready to post the image above…PLUS share that I have been creating on on-line exploration I call Creative Captures.

Creative Captures developed out of one of the points that Flora made during the Bloom True teachings.  Observe what you see and set it down on canvas/paper.  Take the time to really notice what is around you.  This resonated with me SO much as it is what I see that I do every day.  The Creative Captures are a way for me to intentionally create daily recordings of what is all around me.  The beauty of life unfolding every moment.

I learned so very much more from working through Flora’s teachings.  However, what I have described above remained in the forefront of my mind and I am acting on that teaching.  Sharing my experience with others is fulfilling and is moving me deeper into my understandings as a creative being.

Thank you, Flora!