Reflecting on Summer’s Creative Fire

sun fire


Each summer I spend time creating.  I so enjoy the free time in Michigan summers.  The weather is usually delightful and encourages creative behavior in big, brash bold ways!

I set the intention to fill the summer with some form of artistic expression.  It might be painting or drawing.  It might be cooking organic meals from the weekly trips to the farmers market.  One summer it was drawing images that come to me from my morning tarot readings or dreams.

Many summers have been filled with photography!  I think dancing is in order for future summers…

But I digress…

I work from my own “creative fire” that energy that sparks in the spring and ignites in the long and drawn out days of summer.   Sometimes I work from my own inspiration. Sometimes I take an on-line class that sparks my interest.  And many times I combine the two!

Why am I writing about this now…in the fall?  Well, this is a time for “harvesting”.  Harvesting the crops and harvesting the beautiful “nuggets” of time spent in the sun and creating.  Now is my time to reflect on all of the abundant creating and set down the joy it has reaped in writing.  Into the fall months, I can have these thoughts and reflections to support me when the schedule kicks in and I feel overwhelmed.

What wonders occurred? What insights were gained from months of creative fire?  How will I use this created energy?

Here are the steps I take to set the intention for summer creating:

  1.  Ask myself…what creative desires are cropping up into my conscious mind?  What do I wish to explore?
  2. What supplies will I need?  Will I take an on-line class to support the journey?  Or will I create on my own?
  3.  Purchase supplies…set the tone for excitement!!!
  4. Organize supplies so that they fit smoothly into morning or creative ritual
  5. Ritual  set the intention Physically (time space) and mentally (intuitive linear spiral) into my day to create

These are the steps I set out for the summer…but I wonder if they can be used into the fall? (Elemental Observations E-course starts October 15!  Carrying the creative fire into the fall!)

From this summer’s adventures, I painted with watercolor and took lots of intentional photos on my walks.  I discovered MANY new insights and will share those into the coming months with you in a variety of ways.  So keep your eyes peeled!  I am developing an e-course based on these findings.  Maybe this will be something that will bring us together to create!

For now…what did you discover this summer?  Reflect back on your own “creative fire” and shoot me an email to let me know what lit you up!

Walk with Me! Elemental Observations



adjective: elemental
1.  Primary or basic.  “elemental features from which all other structures are compounded”
                synonyms:  basic, primary, fundamental, essential, root, underlying
  • What if you took 5 minutes each day to look for the simple art elements that are all around you?
  • Where do you walk each day?  Is it with intention?  Or do you just meander?
  • How do you “create every day” when you are so busy?
These are the constant questions that I ask myself on a daily basis.  In answer to these questions, I find tiny moments in each day to notice, really notice what is around me through the lens of my camera.  My phone camera…I love that I can do this!  I am so grateful that I this tool at my finger tips!  Do you have a camera with you each day?
I have had such fun looking for the art elements that are all around me.  I have spent the last month finding these elements and posting them in  tiny “collages”.  The response to these simple images has been amazing.  Something so simple touches others’ hearts.  I love this.
That is why I am opening this e-course, Elemental Observations:  #EO2015 on October 15, 2015 to invite you to “walk with me” and look for the art elements that are all around you.  This course will last 21 days and will have a private Facebook group so that we can connect with one another to see what we discover as we notice the elements that are in the mundane things we pass by each day.

What you will receive:
1.  Daily emails for 21 days inviting you to notice certain elements for that day (starting October 15)
2.  An invitation to a private Facebook group to share what you “see”
3.  Intentional focus using any camera that you have available to you daily

Simple.  Clear.  Elemental observations.
21 Days for $21.00. 
Click the button below to register:

Write a List of the things you Love

I want to share something with you. I have been writing a lot about scheduling and being organized for the last few weeks in my newsletters. Both of these two things are so integral to opening the doors to your creative self.

However, that then gets me thinking about being TOO organized and TOO structured and so I come back to this ritual; Writing a List of the Things I Love. Below, I share this ritual that was given to me through several different coaches over the years. It is very simple, yet very profound.

About every 6 months or so, I will come back to this ritual and explore what I am noticing. It is about finding JOY that is already present in your daily life. A ritual to help you to notice those little things in your life that just light you up, make you happy and bring you peace. They are very, very simple things that you do already.

What if it was that easy? To find the joy and simplicity in what you do already and bring that to the forefront of your days.
Here are the steps for the ritual of writing a list of the things you love.

1. Get out your journal and a favorite pen or pencil
2. Get into a comfortable spot
3. Plan out 20 minutes for your time to write
4. List out every single thing that you LOVE to do…big, small, crazy, comfortable…anything that brings you joy
5. If you hear that voice in your head telling you something negative, let it pass. This is YOUR list. Everything that is important to you can be listed there. You are safe.
6. Once you are finished writing, read back though your list and bask in the joys that are a part of you
7. Close your journal
8. Later, open that journal up again and add more to your list at any time
9. When your journal is open again, circle the top three things on your list
10. Choose one of the things from your circled list. Do that thing as many times in the coming week as you can.
11. Enjoy the beautiful things in life that bring you joy! They are important. YOU are important.

Number your list 1-50. Really dig in and find 50 things that bring you joy. It might seem daunting at first, but stick with it! If you get 25 things written, and need to take some time away, do that. Then, as you go through your days, see what comes up while noticing all of the things in a day that bring you joy.
When I first created my list, I began in my journal it was daunting to list 50 things! Then, as the days went by and I would notice another moment of joy, I would write on whatever was at hand; a sticky note, a napkin, a nearby notebook!. I then brought all of those thoughts together into one location, one big list.

I discovered that the things on my list were anything from petting the cat, sitting and having a cup of tea, walking in nature, practicing yoga…reading. Those very simple things that you might think, sheesh, I won’t put THAT on the list. Your mind might sneak in and start to tell you your ideas a silly, but you are nudged to notice that that activity brings you JOY! So put that on your list!

Take some time out to discover what brings you true joy. Seek out the moments that bring you back to who you truly are. Revel in the little activities that bring you back to your own unique center.

I would love to hear what you discover!

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Creating Daily Rituals

organic space

As the seasons change, daily rituals need to be observed and shifted a bit too.  What I keep consistent is the time allotment to connect with myself.   This has (up until now) been my “morning” ritual.  With work changes and back-to-school shifts, the time of day for my “rituals” has changed. Taking that into consideration, I continue to take time each day to connect with my dreams, my body, and the metaphors on my creative journey.  It is looking a bit different over the course of the day.

Here is a basic outline for my daily rituals:

  • Morning-preparation of breakfast and lunches for the day of healthy eating
  • Tea-a soothing warm drink (usually organic herbal tea) to get my system up and running for the day
  • Photos-Elemental Observations has become a ritual of its own; taking photos in the morning and in the afternoon when on nature walks looking for the “art elements”
  • Uplifting listening- books on CD or MP3 in the car
  • Exercise-walking outside or at the gym and getting a schedule set for swimming!


I am finding that the hour I use to take each morning for my schedule for ritual has been shifted due to the shift to the fall schedule. I am no longer writing in my journal each AM.  While I am missing this ritual, I am looking for a different way to schedule in my writing.  For now, as I move through learning what my days will look like with a new time-schedule, I will be consistently taking photos to document my days.  These photos allow me to recall feelings, moods and emotions and flow into my daily Elemental Observations adventure.


This allows for consistency and centering time each day.  I am learning where these practices fit into my new, daily work schedule.  The rituals are do-able and totally appropriate for my way of creating meaning in my life.  What makes a good practice?

Be clear with your intention.  Be clear with your time commitment.  Be clear with your sacred time.

I create this time by finding how my day flows. Morning rituals are quiet and allow for repetitive practices.

Looking back over my practices, I see the 4 general qualities that are essential for developing deep, meaningful rituals.

  1. Movement – move your body in some way (yoga, walking, exercise of some kind).  This allows the calm or energetic movements into your body letting the brain and cells know you are awake.  Movement also rids your body of excess energy to clear the way for new thoughts and activities. When you have completed your “movement” session, thank your body for the work it does.  Sit for a moment and feel the changes movement causes to your body.
  2. Warm drink-  I prefer organic herbal tea to let my body know that the systems will begin moving again after sleep.  You may have another favorite warm drink. Simply drinking fresh clear water brings sustenance back to your cells to start the day.  Remember, the brain and body need to be hydrated for optimum focus.  I find the tea is a habit with the kettle set, water boiling and tea steeping creates a ritual all its own.
  3.  Taking photos-Recording our thoughts in some manner show us the metaphors in our lives.  It helps us to organize our thoughts and be in the moment.  We are able to capture feelings, thoughts and ideas that are particular to that moment.  Having a visual allows us to go back later and see where things stood for us at a certain time in our lives.
  4. Reflection-Taking time after your rituals to reflect may give you insights, creative ideas or just allow you to “see” yourself in that moment in time.  Some questions you might ask:  How does my body feel after movement?  What images showed up in my paintings or photos?  How will I hold these thoughts or feelings throughout my day and into the next?

It takes time to develop rituals that fit your needs.  Each of us is unique.  These are my rituals what will yours be?

Setting aside time for your morning ritual is worth it.  Being clear with your intentions brings this sacred time back to you.  You are worth it!

What is your daily ritual?