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Little Pieces –

Detaching –

Letting Go –

Sky –

Patiently Waiting –

One Simple Thing Each Day –

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Continuing to Create

I am continuing to create a mandala each day.  I am then adding backgrounds from images that I have taken during the week from nature or of “light”.  I like the mixture of 2D art with a photo of something from “real life”.  Does that make sense?  My art floating on images from my 3D world.

The mandalas I have been creating are the ones that use a compass and create geometric shapes that I then color in.  It is in the “coloring in” that I find I allow for more intuitive thoughts to enter in.  The intuition is where I come up with the colors that I will use.  Basically letting my hand fall on the colors that want to be used for that portion of the created mandala.

This just feels good.  It gives me a focus each AM in my morning routine that energizes me for the day.  I am just letting that “be”.  No real analyzing beyond that.

What are you creating today?


Sharing Some Light

The 21 Days of Reflection e-course I am running this month has been delightful.  I have recorded a short meditation with a question to ponder for each of the 21 days of the session.  I have also invited the group members to add a photo of “light” each day after they have listened to the audio.

This has been a wonderful way for me to connect with others through light.

I look forward to the images that are posted each day.  I actually look back over and over as they are so uplifting to me.

Sharing our moments though light.  Would you share a photo of “light” with me on my Inner Creative Voice Facebook page? I would love to connect with you through light…

Taking Time to Create for Myself

I took some time to join in a free 5 day Mandala Magic course with Julie Gibbons.  What a delight!  Learning new things is such a joy to me.  I woke up excited each day to begin to create a mandala.

Taking time to fill my own creative well is so important.  I love that there are so many opportunities to learn on-line while still engaging in community.  I have discovered that I find my own voice learning from others, exploring new creative opportunities and then sharing that learning here with you and in offerings through Inner Creative Voice.

If you have followed my Inner Creative Voice newsletters over these past years, you will see that I enjoy sharing the body of creative/expressive work that I make.  Looking a bit deeper, all of these creative activities have a spiritual connection for me.  Listening within to see what images and metaphors come forward.

The same has happened with these mandalas.  I see the importance of images and motifs that run throughout my life.  I discover inner peace and also the resistance that lies just under the surface.  I am continuing this journey of deep exploration with Julie for this coming year.  I am looking forward to learning what the next stage is as I continue to discover my creative voice.  Going deeper into the symbology of the mandala.