Why take time to support your creative work?

Why take time to support your creative work?

What is it that you would call your creative work?
Why is this work important to you?

What if you held yourself accountable to your creative work each and every day?

What might that look like?

I wonder if you are pondering those questions?  With the next Sunday Check-in that is coming up on September 14 you can start on the path to answering these questions.

How can the Sunday Check-in help YOU to discover the ways in which you work best in bringing your creative work to the forefront of each day?

Working with an accountability group of like-minded creatives allows you to look at your daily schedule and “see” where you can make time for your important, creative work.  The Sunday Check-in brings a consistency into your life to allow your most creative flow to be in the upper-most part of your heart.  A way to create a healthy routine that brings ritual to your own sacred, creative self.

But you are wondering, how can an accountablitly group help me with what is my own unique, creative work?

Here are some of the results others have achieved while being a part of a previous Sunday Check-in group:

There is something very special about a group of women supporting each other. There is a special energy that forms and lifts everyone up.  After just 6 months of being together, I offered my first online e-course and have started gaining momentum around my business.
~Becky Beamer Swanson

This accountability group has been wonderful for me. It has given me a chance to make and keep goals and to share with other women who give me support and advice.
~Sally Rowe

The weekly check-ins become part of the flow.  You find the check-ins become a practice.  The private Facebook group becomes a place where you are able to release your fears.  You believe your dreams are attainable and possible!
~Rachel Michelson

Wonderful words that come from others who have taken this path.  Will you be joining us in September?  Click here to learn more and to register!

Sunday Check-In Accountability Group:

A three month accountability group facilitated by Susan Loughrin

September 14-December 14

I am looking forward to connecting with a new group of wonderful creatives!  YOU!  Feel free to respond to this email if you have any questions.

If it feels right, click here to register!