Noticing Nature

jack in the pulpitTaking the time to enjoy the outdoors is a beautiful gift. In any weather, a bit of time each day to explore out-of-doors allows for peaceful, meditative communing with nature.

Below are some suggestions for things that you can do while out in nature to invite in the peace.  To bring the natural world closer to you.

Creating a Collection

1. Take a walk out in nature. Invite yourself to pick up objects of interest, (leaves, rocks, sticks, shells…).  All objects (within safe boundaries) can be welcomed. Bring along something to collect you objects.

2. When you return home, find a spot and put out all of the found objects. What do you see? Enjoy the questioning and wondering. Maybe write out what you see.  Or take a photo of your objects as they are laid out.  Enjoy the moment…the little things.

3. Listen to your inner voice as you enjoy observing the objects you have discovered.  What do you notice?  What natural objects called to you?  This is your true connection to the earth.  Your inner calling of what is important for you to notice.

4.  Now, take the objects and place them back in to nature.  Or, if you prefer to use some of them for an altar, or meditative focal point, that is a beautiful thing, too.

Other ideas…

1. Draw what you see
2. Discuss what is “natural” and what is “human made”.
3. Write out the descriptive words
4. Keep a journal of your collections
5. Create a container for your collections
6. Days later, reflect back

Remember to take some time to see what treasures are right there in front of you!  And if you have a moment, share your thoughts with me.  I love learning about you through your own creative journey.


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