Reflecting on My Word of the Year

photoI have been choosing a word of the year for the last few years.  Reflecting back, I see that my previous words were “focus”, “integration” and “unfolding”.  All of these words STILL hold such magical power for me. They show me how much I have grown and the path I have been traveling on this, my creative journey!

This year my word will be “connecting”. 

Why connecting?  As I looked back through the words I have chosen in the past, here is what I noticed:

Focus:  the center of interest or activity.

This word was chosen when I was just starting out my business of Inner Creative Voice.  I was working with several mentors at that time.  Each of them had step-by-step plans to share how to best create a system for my creative business and my personal creative journey.  I had to “focus” on what I was learning; really commit to it!

Then, I had to apply that learning.  This was cause for deeper focus.  Taking the learned information from my mentors’ teachings and implementing it. It was a highly productive year and the word “focus” allowed me to remain right on track!

Integration:  the act of integrating:  To make into a whole by bringing all parts together; unify.

The next year my word of the year was “integration”.  There are so many parts and levels to my daily life.  For that matter, there are a multitude of layers to my dream life and creative life.  They interweave and become connected in so many ways.  I enjoy the layering of my life, my dreams and my creative pursuits.

Day-to-day, I choose activities that bring creativity into each moment; pulling out the pieces that speak to me, calling out for attention.  All of the daily parts of my life become integrated into the layering of projects and soul filling activities.  Consciously mining ideas, dreams and thoughts from my life bring them into full actuality.  A unified “whole”.  I spent much of that year, the year of “integration” creating and seeing how all of the “parts” came together.  That was a VERY creative year for me.  I use those skills learned from that year to share my process.  This is how I bring together my creative work with my business life.


Unfolding:  open or spread out from a folded position; reveal or disclose (thoughts or information).

This past year, my word was “unfolding”.  This word allowed for some “letting go” on my part.  Some time to just allow for change and hold a space to reflect.  My vision board from last year had a HUGE butterfly, with an image of a woman ready to emerge into the new year.  That was significant!

I have allowed myself much more playfulness this past year.  The world opened and I set my ideas out there and watched to see how each would unfold.  I began the Sunday Check-In Accountability group which has “unfolded” into a beautiful tribe of people who are growing in their own creative lives while connecting with one another; which leads me right into my word for 2014.

Connecting:  join together so as to provide access and communication; form a relationship or feel an affinity.

This coming year will be my year for connecting.  I am setting the intention to share with you, my wonderful e-news readers!~ all of my learnings, my reflections, and my mentors.  I will share how all of these things support me and challenge me to grow. Perhaps we have similar paths?

I want to continue to connect with you all through Sunday Check-Ins, Monthly Musings and Dream Captures.  I want to connect you to one another so that you can grow and share your personal creative journeys with one another.   Lots and lots of connecting this year!

What will your word of the year be?  Here is the Word of the Year link from one of my mentors, Christine Kane.  Walking myself through the worksheets she has thoughtfully created, brings in the clarity I need to choose a word that fits just right.

Email me when you have your word of the year!  I would love to hear what word will lead you forward into 2014…and beyond~



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