Seasons and the Creative Cycle


I have begun to take a long look at how the creative cycle works in my life.  With this reflection, I have discovered that working in 12 week time blocks supports the cycles of the seasons and the cycles of my creative work.  You see following the seasons and changes within the natural world is how I work best.

Let me explain.


I notice that the creative cycle (seed, plant, growth/blossom, death, incubation, re-birth) is like that of a plant.  The plants work with the cycle of nature and the seasons.  The seasonal changes-spring, summer, winter, fall- follow this pattern.  I see that I plan my workshops and personal work around the seasons.

I have divided my calendar into 12 week time periods, 3 months each.  Each of these time periods has a unique “feeling” that connects to the cycle of the season and my life.  I will continue to organize my life and work around this calendar.  This will be a new way of discovering what ideas work best at certain times.  This will allow me to see when to create and when to rest.


I enjoy the feeling of completion; of a final “ending” and celebration to honor and notice accomplishments.  This is satisfying and then allows for some quiet (incubating) time that I need to begin the next project, idea, reflection….whatever comes next.

What is interesting to me is that this seasonal calendar has always been a part of my life and the lives of those who came before me.  It is just now that I am noticing it consciously.  I am turning my focus to embrace what was already there.

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When you reflect on your own life and work, what do you notice about how you set your schedule or calendar?  What are the cycles that show up in your life?

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