Celtic Knots-A study and practice

This month, I am going to practice Celtic knots. ┬áThis is a practice I have embarked upon several times. ┬áThere is something very gratifying to me about creating a morning ritual that requires a bit of discipline to complete. Usually, … Continue reading

Creative Captures~An E-Course to Find the Bits of Beauty in Your Day

    InnerCreativeVoice presents Creative Captures An E-course Seize the day in a new way! Grab your camera and get out into nature! Capture the beauty that surrounds you in photos. Re-capture what you see by noticing color, line and shape … Continue reading

Mastermind group: What I am learning by working on weekly goals with the support of others

Working with a mastermind group continues to be a wonderful learning experience for me. The group has been set up with the understanding that we will post our top 3 weekly goals and each of us can ask a question … Continue reading