Creating Positive Thoughts

I have been taking time to notice my thoughts and my thinking.  Taking time to consistently see when I begin having negative thoughts and working to turn them around into the positive.  This is actually very difficult for me.  It … Continue reading

Reflecting to Find your Own Unique Voice

Here is one meditation video from my 21 Days of Reflection e-course. I have been spending the month of December “reflecting” on this past year through my 21 Days of Reflection e-course.  Each morning, I listen to a different mediation … Continue reading

Creating Structure and Routine

I spent my early years “winging it”.  The routine and structure was set up from “outside” of my daily life…I did what was scheduled for me by others for much of my early life.  That might be why “winging it” … Continue reading

Investing in Yourself

I worked on my own for years when I first began blogging. I learned a LOT (and still get back to center on my own quite a bit). Yet…I get burned out. I find that doing it all just becomes … Continue reading