How We do Anything, is How We Do Everything

I have recently begun the process of opening up my next 21 Day session to connect with you all. This upcoming session is called 21 Day Mini-Mastermind.  And having said that…many of you will stop reading this post.  I know … Continue reading

Starting the New Year with Action

Here comes the New Year! Perhaps you have chosen a word of the year or you are creating a vision board. Maybe you are listing out your New Year’s resolutions. These are all wonderful ways to put your intentions out … Continue reading

Reflecting to Find your Own Unique Voice

Here is one meditation video from my 21 Days of Reflection e-course. I have been spending the month of December “reflecting” on this past year through my 21 Days of Reflection e-course.  Each morning, I listen to a different mediation … Continue reading

Sharing What You Do…Stepping Into Your Fear

Sharing your story, what you do, who you are with the world takes bravery.  It took me years of dipping in my toe, stepping back and learning to trust before I allowed my blog to become more bold…to actually create … Continue reading