Knowing When It’s Time to Fill the Well

Taking the time to create every day takes effort.  When you are in the flow and creating daily you need to have a “full tank” so to speak.  Working with the energy needed to create an effortless flow means creating … Continue reading

Sunday Check-In Begins January 15, 2015

Sunday Check-In Accountability Group: A two month accountability group facilitated by Susan Loughrin January 15-March15, 2015 Creativity takes time, space and energy.  In order to make that time happen, there are ways that we can support our underlying structure and … Continue reading

Sunday Check-In Registration

This group will run January 15-March 15, 2015   Overview of the weekly check-in: Each week you will receive a “reminder” email on Saturday for the “Sunday Check-In” to write the following: 3 “priorities” you wish to pursue for the … Continue reading

Sunday Check-In Week 5 Creating Your Space

Take some time to think about your creative space.  Where is that space?  What totems, affirmations, touchstones do you place in your space.  What do you notice as you think about your own perfect space? In this video, I ask … Continue reading

Shifting Thoughts and Creating Affirmations

I have been taking time to notice my thoughts and my thinking.  Taking time to consistently see when I begin having negative thoughts and working to turn them around into the positive.  This is actually very difficult for me.  It … Continue reading