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For the past few years I have chosen one word to be my focus for the New Year.  Last year the word I chose is Integration.

Integration:  the act of integrating:  To make into a whole by bringing all parts together; unify.


There are so many parts and levels to my daily life.  For that matter, there are a multitude of layers to my dream life.  They interweave and become connected in so many ways.  I enjoy the layering of my life and my dreams.

Day-to-day, I choose activities that bring creativity into each moment; pulling out the pieces that speak to me, calling out for attention.  All of the daily parts of my life become integrated into the layering of projects and soul filling activities.  Consciously mining ideas, dreams and thoughts from my life bring them into full actuality.  A unified “whole”.

Here is an example of what I mean by Integration as I see it working in my life: 

I began to write “A Melody a Day” as part of my creating every day.  From this, I created written affirmations that I then put to melodies.  I called these Acappella Affirmations.  These are affirmations that I sing to myself when I need to be reminded of certain things; when I need to bring myself back to center.

I found that I was writing thoughts and ideas in my journal that were short and to the point.  These were affirmations that clarified my thinking.  I discovered that putting the affirmations to the melodies I was creating at the piano got me singing these affirmations when I needed them most!

Another part of my daily creating was to take photos as I walked.  These are now the images I use for my website and blog.  They integrate my daily creating, walks in nature and larger projects.  These images share with you my joy for the beauty of nature and show how I weave the simple things I create everyday into a bigger picture.

So, the integration of my daily activities bring together the parts to create a whole.  Projects are formed.   Unity of ideas and activities!

I also see how time is a great factor in this integration process.  Creating every day is at the core for me.  Keeping vigilant in daily activities, the backbone of my routine, keeps me grounded.  Reflecting on these daily activities begins to show me the ways of Integration.

This year, I have chosen the word… unfolding.  I wonder what this will bring about for 2013?

What is your word for this year?
PS…a great tool to discover your word of the year can be found created by Christine Kane.  Click here for her word of the year tool!


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