Zen Moments

It was all too much. Too many distractions. Too much change all at once.  I needed a way to create that was simple and calming.  I looked around for an app for Japanese brush work and found it. I could use this app to make quick, simple marks in black, grey, and red.  The backgrounds could be shifted and changed for my mood.

At first, I just created swooshes of black with the big brush. Created a circle. Then moved to what showed up as I looked around at different points in a busy day.  Bringing in the calm…like breathing.

Then, I began finding lines in the tarot cards during my daily readings.  Simple shapes that were found within the cards.  Simple lines.  Lovely. We then went up north to our cottage.  No internet there. The app still worked which allowed me to continue this practice of “Zen moments”.   I was really calm by this point.  The simplicity of this work was just what I needed each day.  To create and move on.

I created the simple lines of things I discovered each day.  Sights, ideas, and objects.  I then combined them in their simplest form…lines and shapes.

I was very much at peace during this series.  I pulled away from the busy-ness and found those quiet moments in time. The lovely feeling of just creating mark sand seeing what showed up.

Many of you commented on this series as I posted on Instagram.  I have made prints of the work (pictured in this article).  If you are interested in purchasing a matted print of one (or more!) of these images, click here to go to the shopping page.  


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